Dear Souls

Welcome to a world of love, beauty and freedom. This site is dedicated to introducing you to the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast – a Master, Mystic and Poet – teaching the celebration of life as a way to total liberation. It is an invitation to inquire the purpose of life and to rediscover oneself and the life of the cosmic being on this planet. The graceful presence of the Living Master is an inspiration to celebrate the life and explore the highest potential of human existence.

To encounter the enlightened Master one can join Open Satsang or take part in retreats several times a year – offering one to dive into a profound inner journey.
Oh come, let us rejoice! Oh come, let us immerse in divine grace!



Guruji’s Blessing

When there is a movement in the moon, movement is happening in the water – like the high and low tides of the sea. The movement of the moon also creates a lot of changes within you. In the same way, you are affected by the changes in the planetary constellation. You are not the same person every day.

The experience you have in your body is not only belonging to you; it is a cosmic play. Every experience you go through in your body is experienced by the planet, experienced by the cosmos. You are as equal as a planet and the stars in the cosmic realm.You are a cosmic being.

Guruji Sri Vast

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Living Enlightenment

8-Day Retreat, 27 July – 2 August, 2024 

From a profound experience of Total Liberation, Guruji Sri Vast shares with us, in a practical way, how Enlightenment is accessible to everyone through a process of inner transformation.

Peace Gatherings

Sundays – South of Sweden

Welcome to gather in the presence of the Master for Satsang at weekly Peace Gatherings. The open Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast is accompanied by a beautiful Singing Gathering and takes place in Divinya in the south of Sweden.

Yoga Mela

7th International Yoga & Sacred Music Festival
8-day Festival, 13 – 20 JULY 2024

Daily Satsangs with Guruji Sri Vast. Yoga Mela is an initiative to rejoice in the spirit of Yoga & Sacred Music – full of inspiration, meaningful togetherness and new learnings towards a new humanity.

Awakening of the Self

DEC 2024

Welcome to celebrate this auspicious time of the year in a beautiful and meaningful way. Taking part in a retreat with Guruji Sri Vast is a very profound, transformative experience. Immersed in the loving and graceful presence of the Master, we open up for our awakened state, recapturing our natural inner peace, joy and freedom. It is an invitation to dive into our deepest essence.

Sri Vast Teachings

Guruji Sri Vast is spreading a grounded awakening spirituality, communicating directly with the divine source within us. It is a profound inspiration of rediscovering life on the planet. Guruji’s words and graceful presence, his remarkable insight on the consciousness of the emerging paradigm, are an inspiration to live a harmonious life attuned with nature. Guruji Sri Vast invites everyone on a journey of self-realization towards total liberation – the state of enlightenment.



The desires of your body and mind

Your body belongs to this planet. Your body has its own desires - water, air, fire, wind, space and the connection with all living beings.




How to live in peace

We have to learn how to live in peace, how to live in freedom, how to express our love…



Peace cannot be protected

Now is the time to re-install peace in humanity, as a whole humanity. Not as a separated humanity. We need to find a solution for everyone, not for one side only.

Thirst for freedom

Everyone is spiritual in a way, because in the end, everyone is searching for the same thing. Whether you are a businessman, a professor,...

The desires of your body and mind

Your body belongs to this planet. Your body has its own desires - water, air, fire, wind, space and the connection with all living beings.

The Complete Relationship

I invite you to live a complete life.In the way that we are brought up, we are raised as half. We are trained to...

The Purpose of Our Life

Life is so beautiful. From being formless we are taking form in this life. We lived so many lives before finally coming to this...

What brings me to my deepest presence?

Once you are liberated from your past, your future is also free because your future is the continuity of the past. Since we went...