Yoga & Sacred Music Festival
December 15 – 19, in India

The International Sangha of Sri Vast Center welcomes spiritual seekers from all walks of life to a five day festivity during the special celestial month of Margazhi, in Tamil calendar the month between 2 fullmoons, mid-December to mid-January. It is an auspicious month, considered as divine, ideal for sacred celebrations, music and dance.

“Let us celebrate our way of existence,
Let us be just what we are.
Let us celebrate our way of existence, disappear into the bliss.
Come come, let us rejoice.
Come come, natural beings.
Come come, beyond our boundaries.
Come come, being just what we are.”
Guruji Sri Vast


The festival is an invitation to rejoice sacred tunes of world-renowned artists, to practice the most profound yoga techniques and to attend  Satsang daily, touching the core of your pure inner Self.

This international gathering is a contribution towards the evolution of human consciousness. It honors the divine beauty in life, sharing devotional gratitude towards nature and existence and the magic of living life together. Our suggestion is to take part in the whole festival, but you can also join for single days.

Welcome to a joyful celebration of truth, godliness and beauty on your spiritual journey!



The daily program with 10 sessions every day will lead the participants in a unique journey from the physical body toward higher peaks of consciousness, traveling through the different lokas.

Daily schedule
6.00 Inner Yoga
7.30 Seva
8.30 Yoga
10.00 Lunch
11.00 Concert / Workshop
12.00 Workshop
14.00 Yoga
16.00 Satsang
18.00 Dinner
19.00 Concert


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Dancing Buddha Cafe Sri Vast Center

Life at Center

Dhyana Sangha Center is a quiet, reflective and peaceful oasis for spiritual seekers. People from all walks of life are welcome to dive into the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast. The Life at the Center invites us to explore the divine life and discover the peak of human potential, expanding our living experience on this planet with awareness of our union with the cosmic realm. Life at the Center is guided by the Master’s Teachings and attuned to cosmic events. The Center is taken care of by the Vastian Sangha, people whose lives have been transformed by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast and who dedicate their service to sharing this opportunity with you.

Staying with us

Dhyana Sangha Center is a sacred space for pilgrims, people who are devoted to their personal transformation and spiritual growth. Therefore it is important that this space is not considered as a guesthouse for travelers and tourists. During your stay at the Center, we expect you to fully participate in the Center’s life experience and programs. Use this space and your time at the Center as a sacred time. Give yourself the opportunity to devote this experience to your inner journey by maintaining your inner silence. Enjoy!

Srivast center accommodation guesthouse


Dhyana Sangha Center offers you simple and comfortable accommodations, designed to support your program experience, without the distraction of television etc. We offer a range of accommodation that enable all people to participate in our programs.

The Center offers single or double rooms in Ac and non-Ac rooms and apartments.
Fee: Between 25 Euro to 100 Euro per day/person including food and accommodation

Daily Rhythm

The Center dedicates its space and time for a self-motivated learning atmosphere within the profound Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast. Everyone staying at the Center naturally participates in all Satsang, meditation, Seva, devotional gatherings, Inner Yoga and the various monthly cosmic events and celebrations. The daily rhythm is attuned with nature, starting the day at early dawn for a morning meditation.

According to your program, a specific schedule will be announced. There is enough time in the day to benefit from participating in Seva and going inwardly for self inquiry.


WhatsApp: +91 87547 88191

by email: [email protected]

Dhyana Sangha Center
Old Auroville Road
Kuilapalayam Post
605101 Auroville
Tamil Nadu / South India

The Center is located near the coast and Pondicherry. Two hours drive from Chennai International Airport and the holy mountain Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai.