Why enlightenment is not taking place? Why am I not getting enlightened?

Enlightenment cannot be in the past. Every moment is enlightenment. Enlightenment is an event that takes place and that event makes you to approach every moment in a totally extraordinary way. A normal life is lived in an extraordinary way.

There are two kinds of enlightenment. One is gradual enlightenment. The other one is accidental enlightenment. Most enlightenments take place as accidental enlightenment. Most of the people are waiting – Why enlightenment is not taking place? Because they are preparing for an accident. Can you prepare for an accident? Sometimes people prepare for an accident to claim the insurance. You want to get rid of this old car, you want a new car, so you make sure it is meeting some kind of an accident. But you want to be safe! In a real accident you are not safe. When you prepare for an accident you make sure you are not touched, you are not hurt. It is the same way when people prepare themselves for the enlightenment, they make sure that they are not touched and that is why enlightenment never takes place.

As long as you have a future plan, continuity, your past also is alive. Whether it is a good past or a bad past it is not important. As long as you have something in the future, your past is dominant. When there is no future, suddenly the past also is not there. The death of the past. The person you know as you is no longer there. Enlightenment is a natural phenomenon. After that event the person loses the future, loses the past. Death of his personality takes place and the new person is there. Material is there but the person has no relationship with that material because all those materials belong to the previous person. The person will not forget how to drive or how to eat, but these will not have a relationship, a bondage with him. You are not forgetting but your connection is lost. This car becomes just a car. I like, dislike, will not be there. Ownership ‘It is mine’ will not be there. You lose the connection, the sense of belonging – this belongs to me, I belong to that. It is a very, very, profound state. You are not owned by anyone, you are not owned by any emotions, you are not owned by any culture, any background, any race, any family. No one. And you are also not owning anything. The concept of this ‘me’ is not there. This is a very, very beautiful state. A state of oneness. The barrier is lost. Life is not perceived through the past because this person has no past. So his experience becomes such a vast experience. The sense of ‘me’ died. When the sense of ‘me’ dies then life becomes open, infinite, endless.