What brings me to my deepest presence?

Once you are liberated from your past, your future is also free because your future is the continuity of the past. Since we went through so much in our past, the fear about the future exists. When you are free from the past, the present becomes alive without fear, without worries, without waiting for something to happen.

Liberation brings you completeness in this moment. You are complete. You Always wait for something to happen to feel that you are complete, “After I finish this, I will be complete. After I do this, I will be complete. After I do this and this, I will be complete.” But we never feel this completeness because our plans keep on expanding. Today we have one plan, tomorrow another plan. Constantly we jump. So, we always feel incomplete.

Liberation means to experience the completeness of oneself in this very moment. Nothing is there to be done. Everything is already done. I gave what I had, I did what I could, I said what I had to say. This very moment is already complete. Nothing further exists. Life is already complete.

Deep inside you are Divine and you are trying to find every means to express that. When you don’t have anything to express your Divinity, you are in trouble. Liberation allows you to express that. Liberation allows you to free from your boundaries, so that you can express your natural tendency of love, care and share. Our boundaries are limiting these expressions. All our boundaries are limiting our ability to express and the ability to experience. The ability to express: our truth, our freedom, our bliss. Practically: love, care and share.

When you are able to express, then you are able to experience satyam, shivam, sunderam. Truth, godliness and beauty. Satyam, truth; Shivam, godliness; Sunderam, beauty. To experience the godliness one needs to experience the truth and to experience the beauty one needs to express the love, care and share. Without that, we are not able to experience.

With my love I am able to touch and to take care of this flower. In that expression I am experiencing the beauty of this flower. By caring for this flower, in that communion with this flower, the flower becomes alive in me. I can see the beauty of this flower, I can see the godliness in this flower, I can feel the truth of this moment, when me and this flower are left alone. Nothing exists outside. The completeness of this moment. The whole world stops, the flower becomes everything. To have this experience, communion needs to happen. This communion is happening by loving, caring and sharing.