Satsang Series
Towards a New Humanity

March 30 – April 12
at 17:00 – 17:45 (CEST)

We welcome you to join an exceptional opportunity to retreat with Guruji Sri Vast for 14 days. A time to dive inward, to reflect and to dream collectively. With sadhanas and profound Teachings, Guruji guides us on an inner journey towards total liberation.

How to join:

At the given time, 17:00, the below picture will show the livestream with a play button.
Click the button to start the livestream. If you don’t see the play button, refresh the page.


Contribute with your questions

Please send us questions related to the topic of this present series. We will have the opportunity to share a few of your questions in every Satsang live to Guruji Sri Vast.

Series: Towards a New Humanity

Teaching Excerpts

Recordings of previous interviews and livestream are available here, courtesy of Sri Vast International Foundation.