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Online Satsang on Sundays

             17:00 – 17:45      Europe
             11:00 – 11:45      New York
            08:00 –  08:45     San Francisco
             20:30 – 21:15     India

We welcome you to participate in Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast.
A time to dive inward, to reflect and to dream collectively.

How to join:

At the given time, the below picture will show the livestream with a play button.
Click the button to start the livestream. If you don’t see the play button, refresh the page.

Opportunity to share your questions: We will have the unique possibility to share some of your questions in Satsang live to Guruji Sri Vast.

This week’s topic:


Full Satsangs

Teaching Excerpts

Recordings of previous interviews and livestream are available here, courtesy of Sri Vast International Foundation.