Inspiration for a New Humanity

An emerging paradigm

Guruji Sri Vast shares an inspiration for a new humanity with everyone. In awareness that we as human beings have existed for thousands of years, slowly evolving into the way we are now, and standing at a turning point in the evolution of consciousness about the life of the human on this planet. At this point, from every aspect of our lives, the questions arise: “What happened to us?” and “What is this life all about?” All over the world, people have started to investigate in which way we can give a new direction to our evolution. As a result of our time, many Masters have evolved, bringing a shift in consciousness for growth and personal transformation. The Sangha around Guruji has formed an Eco-Spiritual Movement in the past decades, actively engaging in realizing a new humanity; an emerging paradigm where our daily human life is the experience of love, care, share, beauty and sacredness. The core values to be shared with all seekers of life is the dream of a better world, where humankind lives in harmony with all beings, a world where man and woman dissolve their differences and become whole, a world that can be co-created with nature, a world where God is not a myth, but a mere reality, a world where you and I can celebrate each other’s presence. It is a dream; a new humanity. Guruji Sri Vast’s Teachings on ecospirituality and liberation lead us to rediscover ourselves as a living being, beyond our cultural boundaries and inherited concepts of life. It is a profound revelation for another way of looking at life on this planet in this time, revealing our true essence and the purpose of our lives in the planetary and cosmic layers. The Teachings contain a call for all: As a citizen of this planet, as a member of the human species, as a participant of this time, we have the possibility to engage in transforming the world we are living in. The message of the Teachings is directly applicable in our practical everyday life. It is an inspiration to connect ourselves with every moment naturally, so that we can experience the wholeness of our being, cultivating a deep inner knowing and a communion with existence. It is a path of total liberation.

“Let us shape the new paradigm with our highest dreams, let us create a world where love, care and share are the core of every thought, of every word, of every act. Let life be experienced as a borderless flow of joy, in compassion with all living beings, including yourself.”
Guruji Sri Vast