Thirst for freedom

Everyone is spiritual in a way, because in the end, everyone is searching for the same thing. Whether you are a businessman, a professor, a smuggler or a drug dealer, a meditator or a yoga practitioner, everyone has the same goal – to live in freedom, to live in peace, to live in love, to live in nature. Ask anyone “What do you want?” and they will give the same answer: “I want to live in freedom.” But the paths we take to achieve this freedom differ from each other. One who meditates may say, “I want to achieve my freedom through meditation.” The businessman may say, “After this project I will be free because I will have enough money.” The employee will say, “After my retirement I will be free.” Everyone is working towards freedom. But the acts we are taking to achieve that freedom differ from each other.

There are two kinds of people. One says, “I want this freedom later, after my goals are achieved, I’ll be free.” The other one says, “I want to live in peace and freedom now!” The spiritual seeker looks for that freedom now. Not after retirement or after completing the house or after marriage or after the divorce – not after, but now.

As a natural species we have this deep thirst to live in freedom. To live in freedom means to live without a reference. Many scriptures are available in this world and many people are trying to be correct according to those scriptures. Correct according to their culture, correct according to traditions, correct according to a certain belief system or philosophy. Freedom is when there is no need to be correct according to any reference. That means that there is no conflict between you and this very moment. Our very nature would come alive if we did not have any conflict with this very moment; if we were able to sense this very presence.

We as cosmic divine beings, infinite beings – our life is not just completed in this body. Look at a glass of water. We can identify ourselves as the glass or as the water in the glass. We can say “I’m a glass” or we can say “I am the water”. The glass has its shape, form and material. Different glasses are available but the water is the same. If I identify myself as the water in the glass, I am infinite. If I am not in this glass, I will transfer into another glass, some other form. I may evaporate and come back. I keep on taking many different forms. You also. You will never die. We are in this body during this period. The formless becomes form then form becomes formless again. It goes on. Infinite life. Our experiences are reborn again and again.

As a cosmic divine being, life happens between your body, this planet and the cosmic body, the cosmic realm. If there is a movement in the cosmos, it creates movements on this planet and creates movements in your body. When these movements are aligned, when my body is able to move according to the cosmic movement, I experience my infinite nature. Experiencing the state of formless in the form. The formless is not having suffering. The suffering belongs to the form. We are living in the form but we can attain the state of the formless in the form. This brings such a great freedom. The freedom of being in this body but also beyond this body.

We, as a human species, our capacity for living this life is so much more! Somehow, for a long time, we have all slowly become domesticated. All the issues you are facing in your life – they do not belong to you, they belong to the domesticated state of you. Get to know the difference between what belongs to you and what belongs to the domesticated state of you. Your spiritual journey is nothing but freedom from your domesticated state towards your natural state. The natural state of the being, the natural state of yourself.