The uniqueness of Inner Yoga

Inner Yoga is a technique to experience the natural state of being, beyond the human perception. It is a naturalization process revealing our uniqueness and helping us to practically enter into an awakened state.

Inner Yoga is different from other yoga practices. It touches a totally different realm of nature and of experience, which is profound and beautiful.

Due to all the social conditions, the body entered into a kind of conditioned state and became structured. The more one structures the body, the more the mind becomes structured. To reach a  harmonious life either, one’s mind needs to be flexible. Both ways can reach there: a flexible body brings a flexible mind, or, a flexible mind stimulates the flexible body.

The beauty of Inner Yoga is that it removes any kind of structure in the body and brings natural flexibility.  It returns the body to its natural movement, and then the mind also enters into a natural mode. Inner Yoga creates a harmonious, peaceful living experience, evoking a senses of wholeness.

Inner Yoga reclaims ones relationship with nature and unites the body with the cosmic realm. It is a very profound and powerful practice and yet so simple. The more and more one goes deep inside, the more one can see how life reveals its own beauty. Totally different colors of this life will be seen. Inner Yoga is conceived by Guruji Sri Vast. It is a gift for the humanity.