The ultimate achievement in life

Life is so beautiful and it is only one time! In this way, in this planet, in this time, in this body, in this constellation. It is very rare. This life needs to be used to liberate from your past lives, your ancestral life – all karma needs to be completed, dissolved. This is an infinite journey. This life is not about living for 100 or 120 years, and then dying. No. Your materials will die, your body will die, your mind, your identity will die. But you as the true self, will never die. And this life is meant to unite this true self with the whole self.

You are not your materials. You are not your body. You are not your identity or your ignorance. You are the true self and you want to be united with the whole. You are infinite. When a person physically dies, he attains Maha Samadhi. A total freedom – the great Maha Samadhi – where he is liberated from any pain which he goes through and any karma which belongs to this form. But you want to achieve that freedom already while being in the body. Uniting the form with the formless.

Enlightenment makes you to experience the formless state of you while you are in the form. That is the ultimate richness one can achieve. You can predict, you can understand, you can experience everything within your form. But beyond the limitation of this form, you may not know what life is. When a person becomes enlightened, the person is able to experience life beyond the limitation of the form.

When a person says, “I experience the life beyond the limitation of my body”, how to recognize that statement is correct or not? Is the person reading a book and repeating it like a parrot? If you are able to experience something beyond this form, it means that you already mastered this form. Without mastering this form, you cannot go beyond this form. ‘I’m not able to function, I’m not able to see, I’m not able to relate but I can see the cosmic movement.’ – that is storytelling. Every experience is expressed through our body. Don’t become a storyteller, go deep inside of you.

Life is so beautiful. When you free from the past, the present becomes alive. Life becomes alive – you become alive. You have the possibility to awaken the Buddha inside of you. Everyone is born with the possibility of the state of Buddha – the state of enlightenment. Make your spiritual path more profound. Move towards oneness with everything – being one with the whole.