The Purpose of Our Life

Life is so beautiful. From being formless we are taking form in this life. We lived so many lives before finally coming to this life. There have been so many millions of years of cosmic movement. So many stars, so many planets, so many millions and billions of people have lived before us, for us to be born now, to be alive in this body, in this mind, in this way. And this life needs to find answers to all the lives which we lived – not only the one that we lived, but also the ones which our ancestors lived. Through your thoughts, words and actions, through the way you are experiencing this life in your body and in your mind, you are bringing an end to certain sufferings. You are bringing an end to certain illnesses. You are creating a new beginning. This life needs to find an end to the sufferings of the past. And also, this life needs to bring something new to further the life to come. Every day that you live, you are making differences in this world. It is not just good morning and good night, but between this good morning and good night the day also needs to be good.

How? By healing yourself, you are healing the whole humanity. The whole history of the humanity is stored in your body. The whole future of the humanity is stored in your body. Whatever is happening in this world in this moment, is stored in your body. Your body cannot be separated from the body of the whole cosmos. Your body is a cosmic body. When a person is suffering outside of you, you are also touched by that because the one who is suffering outside is also you. You cannot limit yourself within your body. You are experiencing the body of the whole humanity, the whole cosmos within you. When you are confused, the whole humanity is confused. When you are in peace, the whole humanity is in peace. Your contribution to this world is nothing but your inner experience during this lifetime. From your inner experience the new humanity is born. The past needs to die within your body. You have to be reborn as a new human.

We cannot separate ourselves from the cosmic life, the infinite life, the eternal life. We are just having a form now. From being formless we came into this form, and again we will become formless. This goes on and on. You are not so simple – but still come closer to your body. You want to heal the humanity? Heal your body first. You want to bring peace into this world? Bring peace into your body first. Because the whole humanity is nothing but an extension of you. There is no separate humanity, separate nature, separate cosmos. It is all within you. By transforming the experience that you go through in your body, you are transforming the world. This is your purpose.