Satyam Sivam Sundaram

Truth – Godliness – Beauty

January 13 – 17 in India
Silent Retreat

Welcome to the 5 day Silent Retreat, inviting you to enter into the deepest sacred space within you, to explore the revival of your senses, to sense this life beyond your own limitations.

Guruji Sri Vast shares a profound spiritual path of self-realization to enter into the world of a pervasive, infinite self. The Retreat in the graceful presence of the Master is an eyeopener to discover one’s purpose in this life and realize one’s highest spiritual potential.

Guruji’s Teaching brings peace, love, and bliss into everyday life. It stimulates freedom from one’s past imprints, conditions and boundaries and ignites Total Liberation. And to live, reflect and meditate in the Guru’s presence can make a big difference in the experience of a seeker.


The residential Retreat includes daily Satsang with Guruji, Meditation, Yoga and transformative Sadhanas. It is an experience of devotion, joy, love and spiritual realization. Throughout the Retreat silence is maintained to allow oneself to enter into one’s own transformative process. Everyone is welcome to ask questions during the Satsang.

Practical Info:

The Retreat starts with the morning Satsang so make sure that you arrive the evening before. All participants are expected to engage fully in the Retreat’s program, starting the day with the Morning Ceremony. There will be two Satsangs every day. The Retreat will end the evening of its last day. Plan your departure for the next morning. For the ones who like to extend their stay, please inform us in advance.

“You can dream that one day
a new human will be born, one day
all the problems will be solved. Or you
can be reborn yourself, as a new
human, and enter into that new
consciousness where beauty, love and
sacredness are the core of the life.”

Guruji Sri Vast