Truth, Godliness and Beauty
Satyam Sivam Sundaram

Wherever you are, that moment is beautiful, that place is divine. Whoever you meet, they are divine. When you are able to be part of this moment, this moment becomes sacred. Beauty, love and freedom. When these three are together in that moment, that moment becomes sacred. Without freedom there is no beauty. Without beauty there is no love. Out of freedom, beauty arises. Out of beauty, love arises. When your ego is not there, when you melt yourself into this very moment, you become divine. You are not separate from this moment. You and whatever you sense and this very moment, are not separated. Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram. Satyam, the truth, brings Sivam, the godliness. Godliness brings beauty, Sundaram. Godliness itself is not a destination! Beauty is the destination. The bliss.

Information never brings freedom. Information helps only to inform to others. You collect information. This information helps you to talk to others about this information. Passing the information.

Truth, true knowledge, liberates you, brings freedom, Shiva, godliness. Attaining the godliness itself is not a goal. Attaining the freedom is not a goal. I am free! What does it mean? I am free. I am free means I am free from dogmas. I am free from concepts. I am free from conditions so that this moment is absolutely beautiful.

Freedom is an inner state. Being free from how this moment is supposed to be, free from those conditions, so that God becomes visible, the beauty become visible. When the beauty is there, love arises. Yes, I am free! Yes. I can see the beauty!

If you are not in love with this moment means you didn’t see the beauty of this moment. If you are not able to see the beauty of this moment means you are not in godliness in this moment. If you are not in the godliness in this moment means you are not free in this very moment. If you are not free means you don’t know what truth is. If you don’t know what truth is you are not happening to this moment. You are a plastic.

A plastic flower appears to bloom, but nothing is happening to this flower. Nothing is touching this flower – whether there is sun or moon, or rain, day or night, winter or summer – nothing is happening to this flower. It is plastic. The true flower, constantly something is happening. Day or night, winter or summer, sun or moon, constantly something is happening. This true flower is alive.

Spirituality is not becoming plastic. Spirituality is to become alive.

Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram.