Communities inspired by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast

All over the world Vastian Sanghas have formed around the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast, to live and see the world through the eyes of the Enlightened One. The Vastian Sanghas are profound communities with the longing to explore the Master’s living experience of beauty, freedom, peace, love and bliss.
In joyful togetherness the Sanghas dedicate themselves to inquire how the Master’s Teachings can be brought into a new practical living experience. The communities are spaces of deep devotion – a sacred togetherness on the path towards total liberation.

“A space is needed where everyone is approached and experienced as a being rather than their past identities; identities they struggled with, which they try to liberate from. The world needs communities where people can live collectively, to enrich each other’s existence.”
Guruji Sri Vast


One of the Sanghas lives in Divinya in South Sweden,
where at present many of Guruji Sri Vast’s Satsangs and retreats are taking place.