Taking part in a retreat with the living Master is a very profound, transformative experience. It is a way to meet our true Self and become free from our past holdings and patterns. Immersed in the loving and graceful presence of the Master, we open up to our inner being. It is an invitation to dive into our deepest essence. Through Guruji’s grounded spirituality, graceful presence and joyful approach towards life, Guruji brings new light upon the path of total liberation. A retreat can become an eye-opener to discover our purpose in this life and to realize our highest human potential. Guruji’s Teachings bring peace, love and bliss into everyday life. The Master’s presence supports in healing and in exploring a newness in life.

“Life happens only once in this way. You are a unique existence and you have the possibility to experience this life form in a unique way, which belongs to you and cannot be taken away from you. This journey can be a totally different experience. Come, come, let us reclaim the way of your being.”

Guruji Sri Vast


8-day Retreat
3 - 10 August 2024

12-Day Retreat
22 DEC - 2 JAN 2025

10-day Retreat