Time to reclaim our own natural potential

The whole humanity is facing a certain crisis. There is lot of uncertainty; not knowing where we are all going. What will be our future? When are we going to return to our normal life? What will happen if things are not functioning the way they used to function? What is next? These are questions inside of every heart, without any answers. The questions are much deeper than the crisis itself. Every individual question belongs to the whole humanity.

Our normal life is affected – the way we used to function is affected – and we want to go back as soon as possible to continue our normal life. But we really have to question that so-called ‘normal life’. Is it normal? Is it normal to live the way we lived? Does it really belong to humanity? Do we really live as a human on this planet? We are religiously enslaved, culturally enslaved, systematically enslaved and conditioned. But we don’t dare to question that because we all collectively agreed on certain conflicts, certain contradictions, as part of our life. It is very important to look into what we collectively agreed upon. Did we collectively accept many things which we couldn’t digest, as part of our culture, as part of the standard way of looking at life?

Every culture, religion and tradition make certain things right and certain things wrong. In one country you are right, the same thing is considered as wrong in another country. Thousands of years we have lived in contradictions. Since we have lived in it for so long, it has all become our culture. The contradictions have become our traditions.

This situation right now, globally, gives an opportunity. Not only the opportunity, it gives the great reason and courage to look at our life.

Every one of us is born as a cosmic divine being. We are not born into a nation, religion or tradition. We are born on this earth. We are born in the human body, on this planet. There is a living experience between your body and this planet and the cosmic body. There is an interrelated relationship between these three. What is happening in the cosmic movement, is happening in your body, is happening to this planet. What is happening on this planet, in the eco system, is happening in your body. There is an experience of living completely in this infinite cosmic life, which is not cultural but is natural. A natural being.

The current situation raises so many questions: There are questions of our dependency – how much we have become dependent, systematically dependent. When such a situation takes place, we are trying to find out whom to blame, which country we can blame. Isn’t it time for us to go beyond that old pattern?

I see everyone as a victim. Whether you are from East or West, rich or poor, no matter, everyone is a victim of the situation. Every one of us is a victim of the way we perceive this life as life. This is the greatest question: What is life? What is it all about? Was I born with all these conflicts? Do all these conflicts, customs, traditions and culture, belong to me or are they forced on me?

This is the time to re-emerge. This is the time to reclaim our own natural potential, natural qualities. At this point of time we wonder when we are going to return. There is a beautiful question that we have in front of us to collectively inquire: Return to what?

The system in which we lived, we are holding it up artificially with a lot of effort at the cost of human experience, human life, natural resources and other beings.

It is a call, a call of mother nature for everyone to awake, to be reborn as a new human. It is a great opportunity that we have to evoke this new humanity, where God is not worshipped but lived; where God is not a myth, but is our reality; where men and women live in harmony with each other, equally ­– a raceless society; where our life on this planet is not contradictory but in harmony with nature. Yes, that is what we need – a life in harmony with nature.