What are the qualities of full moon?

– Satsang Excerpt –

Q: What are the qualities of the full moon? And how does the full moon affect our human life?

Guruji Sri Vast:

Whether we want or not, as a species, as a living creature, our life on this planet is dictated by the cosmic movements. Every moment these cosmic movements are moving our feelings, our emotions, the way we perceive, the way we sense this life.

The moonlight is playing a very important role. During the day we have sunlight. The sunlight brings information into our body. During the night, during the dark period, the information is digested. But undigested information is stored in our body. During the full moon time, that information is extracted by the moonlight. Suppressed emotions, experiences, come to the surface. We may not know how to handle those things. It is very, very important that we have this moon energy as a balance in our life. Sun is, in a way, earth, human. The moon is heavenly and mystical, angelic. We need both expressions, both experiences in our life to have a balanced experience, balanced emotions, balanced health, balanced life perception. It is very, very important that we include the moon in our life. We are living only a sun-based life, we are not aware that we have the moon. Since our human body is not tuned to the natural rhythm of this planet, we are not benefiting from those cosmic events.

It is very, very important that every month we participate in the moon life. Our human body needs to have the connection with the moonlight and the body needs to be touched by the moonlight.

Chandra Sadhana is a spiritual practice, a natural practice, which helps to tune oneself with the moon so that our body is balanced and so our mind is balanced. Our life then becomes harmonious with the nature.