Peace cannot be protected

Now is the time to re-install peace in humanity, as a whole humanity. Not as a separated humanity. We need to find a solution for everyone, not for one side only. The two hands are part of the same body and one hand cannot be the winner against the other hand. The pain belongs to the whole body. In the same way, we are one humanity.

We have the tendency to create opposition, to condemn someone and then believe that by suppressing someone we will find the solution. It is very important not to create an enemy, no matter what the situation is. By the time you create an enemy, the fight is on. You create fear, and whenever a person feels fear, he wants to protect himself and will threaten back to create the same fear. Then you get threatened, so you threaten back to create the same fear again. The fear is the ball which we are kicking towards each other, threatening each other, with the hope that we will be protected – protected from the fear created in us. You cannot be a winner and create a loser. Winning means that as a humanity we need to be a winner, not that a group of people is the winner and another group of people is the loser. That is the very root of the problem. We can’t create evil and promise to be protected from the same evil which we have created.

We learned to create opposites. We learned to project the problem onto others. And all conflicts are the consequence of that. It is the collective energy of the same projection. When we wish for peace, we can’t say that this peace is for certain people and exclude other people outside this peace zone. Then naturally, we are not in peace because we create separation. We separate and protect this separation – we lose the peace.

When dealing with any conflict we have to recognize that at the end everyone wants to be in peace, everyone wants to be in freedom. Deep inside everyone loves everyone. Deep inside we are all divine. Deep inside we are all equal.

Inclusiveness is very important. You need to include everyone into you, as you. Then peace is possible. Everyone is included in your peace. When you think, “without you I will be in peace”, how is it possible? It needs to be a win-win solution, always. As long as we don’t see the whole humanity as one humanity, the problem will not be solved.

Solving the problem does not mean solving the situation. Situations are not the problem; separation is the problem. Situations are the consequences of separation. If we want to solve the problem, we have to resolve the separation, and only when we are moving towards unity, can the separation be resolved.

A life without enemy, without opposition. Unless we reach this point, we keep on identifying some opposition to fight against, and this itself is sustaining the fight.
We have to recognize that love is the way, peace is the way, freedom is the way; oneness is the way that brings people together.

Humanity needs to move further. We have to understand that we are not fighting against people. We can have disagreement with a certain energy, a certain attitude, but not with people.
That is also applicable to every individual. Every individual is contributing to certain energies. Everything is created collectively. We cannot name one single person as being responsible for something. We have to recognize that we are all responsible.
You may say that powerful people are able to create so much destruction, due to their capacity. And a normal, simple person may have the same attitude, but his capacity is less and he destroys within his capacity. I don’t see the difference between them, only the capacities are different.

You may say “I’m not like him, I’m not like her.” But in different forms, in different colors, we may have the same attitude. When we see “this is not what I agree with”, we have to see that I don’t agree with it in me either. So, I need to transform. Whatever we don’t agree with, first say “I am free from it. First, I clean myself.” And from there the solution starts. You, as an individual, become a solution. Otherwise, you are part of the collective problem that you are trying to find the solution for.

If you don’t agree with an attitude, don’t apply that attitude to the people around you. First honor yourself, then honor every person next to you. Every problem and every solution are very close to you and you have to find them there. Once you find the solution in your heart, you will see that the solution already starts to manifest outside you.

Once you are free from the problem, another energy arises in you. You are not acting through guilt or shame or fear. You are acting through pure love and compassion. And that gives another space within you. That compassion, that pure love, that pure peace inside you, never saw an enemy, never saw a person, but it will show you an energy. It will show what is not good. But not who is not good. Those are two totally different things.

Your thoughts, words and actions are not only leading you; they are leading the humanity. With all your thoughts, all your words, all your actions, you are giving a direction to the whole humanity to evolve further. It starts with you. You are a contributor to that.

If you create hatred or separation, that is available for everyone. In the same way, when an individual enters into peace, it is not just an individual who enters into peace, the whole humanity is fed with peace.
By the time the solution arises in your heart, this solution is naturally uploaded in the cosmic plane. This solution becomes available for everyone.
Be an active contributor towards peace. Be an active contributor towards unity; one humanity, living in harmony with all beings.

We have to find a new kind of understanding, a new humanity, a new way of living this life on this planet. I see how every situation is moving us towards that. That is the nature of life itself. Life is a self-transforming organism. It is self-evolving. When we are in an endangered situation, whether within the humanity or from outside, we become collective, we unite. We start to become one with each other, we start to dissolve the differences between us and face the situation together. We start to understand each other’s needs, each other’s feelings, each other’s dignities.

Freedom cannot be protected.
We are in that phase of uniting. But it is very important not to unite against someone.
Uniting as one humanity.
Not freedom from someone or freedom for someone, but freedom itself. Freedom for all.
That is the path. And we are moving in that direction. That is the human evolution.