Nothingness is Oneness

– Satsang Excerpt –

Seeker: What is the state of Oneness?

Guruji Sri Vast:
We are all in the human consciousness. The humankind. It is one layer, the human body consciousness. Then we slowly enter into a cosmic consciousness. The cosmic consciousness operates everything. There is nothing which is called as nothingness except when all the information in our mind is no longer there. That state is called nothingness. Being nothingness is being oneness. When you hug a tree, the very tip of you is the tip of the tree – a state of oneness. When you look at the flower you are totally in it. Again, it is oneness. Hug the tree and feel the tree not as ‘I want to feel this tree’ but feel yourself through the tree. Then there is no separation. There is a possibility of losing your human standpoint – me as a human, this as a tree, this is a flower, this is the water, this is you, this is me.

It is very important to understand that you are formless, you are beyond the form and you are manifested. You have taken the human form. You can also take the form of a star or a planet or mosquito, or any different forms. We are all formless and we take a form. When you are not in this body, you become formless, you dissolve into the state of formless.

When you pour water from a glass into the river can you take your glass of water back? No. You cannot bring the same glass of water back because it dissolved into the formless. The same way we, as a divine being, who have a form, a body, and when the body dies, we are no more in this body. We merge, we dissolve, into the formless. What is left here are our experiences. The experiences, that you have created, only they are having a continuation.

For example, I inherit a piece of land from my parents where there are a lot of trees, birds and animals on the land which I enjoyed during my childhood. But when I grow up I remove it all. Then, I grow old and die. The next generation who are born there will miss those trees and the sounds of birds. The karma continues because of my action.

Anything born is me. Anything which is living, is me and anything which is going to be born, is also me. This is the context of the next life. It is not like you can be reborn. No. But the consciousness that you created, the experiences which you went through, the experiences which you created, those experiences have a continuation. You are not an individual. You are a temporary projection. You have no shape, no form.

The problem is when you believe in the form and you communicate through this form. Deep inside we are formless. The problem is that we want to stick with “This is my form. This is your form.” We want to treat each other as two different persons. But we are coming from the same source and we are going back to the same source. You as a whole was there in the past and you as a whole will be there for ever, endlessly. So whatever experiences we have created in previous incarnations, now, in this form we are going through whatever we have created in the past. Whether it is you or me, this is not the question.

There is an experience and this experience is formless. I am formless and I am formed. But when that experience is expressed, it takes on a form. I feel good; I am speaking in a kind voice, I am expressing that I feel good; I am giving a form to that. I feel anger; I shout, I am giving it a form; I am expressing through a form. Every experience, every consciousness, is expressed and has a form. Everything is expressed through forms. The Divine is expressed through forms.

You have to grow further into that ‘you’ as a Divine being. Never consider yourself with smallness. You are beyond all this identification of the ‘me’ as this small individual. The people who are born before you are also you. The people who are living now are also you. The people who are going to be born after you are also you. This ‘I’ is just a character given to us in this drama. But this person can be acting in different dramas. You, the actor, can act in this movie as a villain and another movie as a hero, another movie as a race car driver. So never believe that you are just this body.