Mystic’s Way Retreat

In the presence of the Master

The Mystic’s Way retreat starts with the celestial occurrence of the winter solstice. This period of the year is known to be auspicious for spiritual evolution, divine celebrations and liberation from the past. It is a beautiful time of the year to nurture oneself in the graceful presence of the enlightened Master.

Retreat program:

The days are filled with Satsang, meditation, yoga, spiritual sadhanas and joyful, devotional togetherness. It is a beautiful gift to offer yourself and also to the one you love.

Dec 22 – Jan 2, 2020
in India

A life-affirming experience

This 12-day retreat with Guruji Sri Vast brings life-affirming experiences which transform one. The Mystic’s Way Retreat brings clarity and insight to one’s life: to free oneself from the suffering and reconnect to life. The graceful presence of the Master supports in healing and in exploring a newness in life. Guruji’s Teachings help to realize one’s inner truth and bring acceptance within oneself so that the past is not holding on and determining the present and the future.

Explore your highest potential

The Mystic’s Way retreat helps one to spiritually evolve and find one’s inner strength and infinite joy through realizing the true self. During the retreat we explore and learn life-transforming tools to connect with different planes of this mystical life. We will explore the way an individual life is defined by the different layers of cosmic existence and how to recover and re-establish the wholeness with oneself and the life on this planet. The Mystic’s Way Retreat is a beautiful opportunity to expand beyond yourself and explore your highest potential. Welcome to profound spiritual discoveries. Welcome to explore a new beginning in you.


“Liberation brings Godliness.
When you realize the Godliness,
the natural, pure Beauty in
everything is visible. Glittering
beauty of this life becomes
visible. Everyone looks
beautiful. Everything looks
beautiful. Once you are able to
experience that beauty, to see
the beauty, you become beauty
and whatever you touch,
whatever you create becomes

Guruji Sri Vast