Mystic’s Way Retreat

Winter Solstice Retreat in India

Welcome to the 12-day retreat – an experience of devotion, joy, love and spiritual realization. It is an invitation to enter into the deepest sacred space within you, to explore the revival of your senses and to sense this life beyond your own limitations. The Mystic’s Way is our winter solstice retreat, starting with the celestial occurrence, auspicious for spiritual evolution. It is a beautiful time of the year to nurture oneself in the graceful presence of the enlightened Master.

A life-affirming experience

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Retreat Enlightenment Self transformation

A Retreat to explore your highest potential

The Mystic’s Way Retreat brings clarity and insight to reconnect to one’s life and free from imprints and old patterns. These Teachings help to realize one’s inner truth and bring revelation within oneself so that the past is not holding on and determining the present and the future. The Master’s presence supports in healing and in exploring a newness in life. This retreat helps one to spiritually evolve and find one’s highest potential and infinite joy. Learn life-transforming tools for realizing the true self and getting in touch with this mystical life. The retreat is a beautiful journey to re-establish the wholeness within oneself and the life on this planet.

“Liberation brings godliness.
When you realize the godliness,
the natural, pure beauty in everything is visible.
Glittering beauty of this life becomes visible.
Everyone looks beautiful.
Everything looks beautiful.
Once you are able to experience this divine beauty,
you become beauty and whatever you touch,
whatever you create becomes beautiful.”
Guruji Sri Vast

About Guruji Sri Vast

Guruji Sri Vast is a Living Master, mystic and poet – full of authentic joy, love, grace & a flow of natural wisdom, teaching celebration of Life as a way to total liberation. Guruji’s Teaching brings freedom, love, and bliss into everyday life. It ignites self-transformation from one’s past imprints, conditions and boundaries. Attaining one’s natural state – the realized one – is the core of Guruji’s Teachings. Guruji invites everyone into the Enlightened Era, where humanity can live in harmony with all beings and explore the love, beauty and sacredness in everything and everyone.


With daily Satsang Guruji accompanies us on a self-reflective, transformational journey. Everyone is welcome to ask questions during the Satsang. The daily program also includes joyful, devotional togetherness, meditation, chanting, yoga, spiritual sadhanas and time for self-inquiry and contemplation. Christmas and New Year’s celebration are part of the retreat. Participants will have a unique, lifelong memorable experience. Sri Vast Center is near to the ocean: participants will have the opportunity to attend yoga at our beautiful sand beach. During the retreat we will visit Thiruvannamalai for one day.


Dhyana Sangha is located along the coast of Tamil Nadu, next to Auroville town and Pondicherry city. The Center is 2 hours from the pilgrim place Thiruvannamalai, which we will visit for a day during the retreat. Chennai International Airport is 2 hours north from Sri Vast Center. Most international arrivals are at night or early mornings. If you wish, we can arrange a transport to welcome you at the airport.

Practical Information

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Life at Center

Dhyana Sangha Center is a quiet, reflective and peaceful oasis for spiritual seekers. People from all walks of life are welcome to dive into the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast. The Life at the Center invites us to explore the divine life and discover the peak of human potential, expanding our living experience on this planet with awareness of our union with the cosmic realm. Life at the Center is guided by the Master’s Teachings and attuned to cosmic events. The Center is taken care of by the Vastian Sangha, people whose lives have been transformed by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast and who dedicate their service to sharing this opportunity with you.

Staying with us

Dhyana Sangha Center is a sacred space for pilgrims, people who are devoted to their personal transformation and spiritual growth. During your stay at the Center, we expect you to fully participate in the Center’s life experience and programs. Use this space and your time at the Center as a sacred time. Give yourself the opportunity to devote this experience to your inner journey by maintaining your inner silence. Enjoy!

Srivast center accommodation guesthouse


Dhyana Sangha Center offers you simple and comfortable accommodations, designed to support your program experience, without the distraction of television etc. We offer a range of accommodation that enable all people to participate in our programs.

The Center offers single or double rooms in Ac and non-Ac rooms and apartments.

Daily Rhythm

The Center dedicates its space and time for a self-motivated learning atmosphere within the profound Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast. Everyone staying at the Center naturally participates in all Satsang, meditation, Seva, devotional gatherings, Inner Yoga and the various monthly cosmic events and celebrations. The daily rhythm is attuned with nature, starting the day at early dawn for a morning meditation and offering time within the day for one's inward journey and self inquiry.


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Dhyana Sangha Center
Old Auroville Road
Kuilapalayam Post
605101 Auroville
Tamil Nadu / South India

The Center is located near the coast and Pondicherry. Two hours drive from Chennai International Airport and the holy mountain Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai.