Meeting with Life


Satsang Excerpt:

Seeker: My beloved Master, can you give us a glimpse of what is life?

Guruji Sri Vast:

Life is an expression, which needs to be experienced on this planet. To experience this life in its purity we have to know the one who is going to experience – the experiencer. The experiencer experiences this life through his senses, and his senses are manipulated through the experiences he went through in his past. Those experiences create a sense of ‘me’. This ‘me’ he claims as ‘myself’. This ‘myself’ has its own living experience, because it separates this life and creates a micro living experience inside. It creates two lives – one is inside and one is outside. Through the life that is experienced by this so-called ‘me’, it projects the life outside. This creates conflicts. When the life of this ‘me’ is not happy inside, it blames the life outside, and the world comes into the picture. To make this ‘me’ happy, we are trying to change the surroundings and the world so that there is no confrontation. The whole life we try to bring these changes. We change people, we change our material comfort, we change places. We even change this planet to make this ‘me’ happy, peaceful, blissful and free. Most of the time we see freedom as the freedom to change my surroundings, to change the people, to change the places, to make this ‘me’ comfortable instead of confronted.

Wherever we go, whomever we meet, whatever we see, we go through this process of being comfortable or confronted. When the outer world is according to the inner world, then this ‘me’ is comfortable. When the world is not according to this ‘me’, the confrontation starts and the struggle comes. The quest is – how to make 7 billion people, 7 billion ‘me’ comfortable? The only way is self-realization. When a person realizes, he realizes that the world is his projection. What he sees is not what it is, but it is what he sees. When he transforms, what he sees also transforms. It is his own creation. He himself created it by what happened to him and he projects this world through that experience so that the life becomes real to him, because he experienced it. But he forgot that this experience is the outcome of his own projection. We work hard, do so many things with the hope that one day this ‘me’ will be happy and comfortable and free from the confrontation. We work hard to create this comfort zone where whatever I sense reflects me. When it is not, the confrontation starts.

But deep inside we know that we are beyond, we are something more than what we experience. There is a deepest longing to meet this unknown, who is beyond, who is in peace, bliss and freedom. It is a hope that everyone keeps in their heart and believes it is something which needs to be achieved at the end of this life. It is something which needs to be earned and experienced as a result of what we worked for and accumulated. It is a postponed, distant hope. When you keep this hope alive as an achievement, a result at the end, you go on running. But when you give up this hope, the hope of being in peace, bliss and freedom, then this life makes no sense. Then you lose the motivation. People lose the motivation not because they are not interested to do anything, but because they lost the hope, they lost the connection with the experience which is expected as a result of their action. So the action becomes meaningless. We want to find our motivation back. That is possible only if you reclaim your longing towards peace, bliss and freedom. This experience needs to be experienced every moment wherever you are, with whomever you are. Then only life makes sense. The freedom from this ‘me’, which clings to a set of experiences in the past, which projects that in the present, where I lost my peace and bliss. We want this ‘me’ to be accepted as me, still we want to free from this ‘me’ – it is a paradox.

Accepting ‘me’ as me, or as I am, is as equal as a thief asking the court to accept‘ I am a thief which needs to be accepted by the society’. And how is this thief going to be happy? When his stealing is unconditionally accepted. When he is not feeling guilty about it, when he is not feeling shame. This sounds funny – you will not agree with that. But at the same time you may say, “I want to be accepted as I am.” The question is ‘who are you?’ The one who is looking for acceptance. And what is there in you which needs to be accepted? What is there in you, which needs to be acknowledged by the surroundings so that you will feel that you are connected?

It is a constant struggle to prove and to be accepted unless you accept yourself, knowing that the world which is perceived is not the world itself, but your projection. So that you stop fighting with the world which is not there outside, but is only inside. The inner fight creates thoughts, words and actions. When the thoughts are expressed through words and the words are expressed through actions, your inner fight becomes real in your surroundings. It becomes your world, which you want to share with others, a world in which you are trying to find a partner to live with – ‘a partner in my fight’. When the time goes by, this fight also constantly changes its colors. Most of the time we also change the partners because the partner is not fitting to the new fight. When a person transforms, the world which he lives in, also transforms. Can you believe, 7 billion people, 7 billion worlds living together? When we want to share our lives, most of the time we forget what is shared. What is shared is the inner experience which I am going through – created by me. And we expect acceptance for this inner experience – as this is ‘me’. I identify myself as this.

If you really look into it, this sense of ‘me’ is happening in my mind and imposed on my body. And the body behaves and lives the life of this ‘me’, where I lose the infinite state of myself.

If I identify myself with my body then when this body dies, this life also dies. But when I lose this identity, when I experience myself beyond this body, then I also experience the life beyond the limitations of my body. I was formless, I got the form, I will become formless again; I go on. I may get another form and again become formless. It is a continuation. I am just continuing. When I lose this form, what will be there? Just peace. Just bliss. Just the infinite. The pain belongs to the form; it does not belong to the formless. When this form is gone, all the pain which came to this form, is also gone. We know that in our formless state we do not have pain, we have such peace. And we want to experience that peace, the experience of formless, in this form.

You say that you want to be divine, experience the divine all the time. You are not talking about the divine; you are talking about this peace inside, this bliss inside, this freedom of being infinite, where I don’t have any boundaries around me. Because the pain that I am going through, physically or mentally, it is all due to my boundaries. Every boundary that I create gives something but it also takes something away from me. Every boundary creates some sense of ‘me’, but the same boundary also takes something away of my true self.

So, when we talk about the Life, we are talking about the infinite, a constant evolution. Our struggle comes when we refuse to evolve. In nature everything is growing, everything keeps on changing. Everything is changing. Those trees over there, in 4 weeks they will have changed, they will have grown 30 centimeters more. There will be new leaves, new branches, new flowers, new birds and new beauty. Everything is constantly changing, evolving from one thing into another and yet, we claim ourselves as something static ‘this is me, I am like this’. But we are constantly evolving and we are refusing to understand that we are evolving. Refusing to accept that we have changed, the life has changed, the surroundings have changed. We are trying to maintain ourselves as something static, something solid. Our body is changing but our mind is not ready to change because it has decided ‘this is me’. The mind is not able to provide what our body wants and our body is not able to provide what our mind wants. So there is a problem of coordination between our body and mind. This makes things so complicated. Whatever we think, whatever we do, everything is happening in our mind. It needs to happen in our body instead of in our mind. Experiential. Life needs to happen to our body not just in our mind. Then only life becomes real – otherwise it is just an idea.

The mind needs to cooperate with the body. The mind holds the information about the life and the body belongs to the life. Whatever is happening in life is happening in your body. When there is movement in space, movement takes place in your body. When it is winter, winter takes place in your body, so the summer and the spring. There are some flowers that bloom at a particular time and those flowers are also blooming in your body. Your body is part of this life and this life is infinite. That means that any experience going inside of your body is an infinite experience of this life. Life is so beautiful.

To understand your life you have to ask only two questions: ‘What is enjoyed by me?’‘What is my deepest longing?’ Whatever is enjoyed by you defines your life. You have to see whether what you are enjoying is bringing freedom or not to you; whether your joy comes out of your freedom or not, and if your freedom brings freedom to others or not. Knowing this, is the true knowing. Through this knowing, only one can meet this life.

When I experience something beyond my ego life enters more into me – the more formless I become. My ego creates form my formless experiences and it clings to that form and becomes dependent on that form. When I cling to something my senses are blind towards the rest. I become alien to myself and to life.

A very small flower will reveal all the beauty of this existence beyond the mind. When you open your eyes, if you allow yourself, suddenly so much beauty is available to you. Wherever you turn, beauty becomes visible. When you are immersed in the beauty, your form is not valid anymore. You become beauty itself. When you swim in the sea, just swim. When you happen to sit on the sand, just sit. When you are looking at the flower, just look at the flower. When your mind is not interrupting and interpreting, then only the flower becomes visible and the sand is felt underneath. Otherwise your body is there but you are not. If I really enjoy the flower, if I really let go of myself, if I really become one with that flower, next time I will not need this flower because the flower has become part of me. Whatever this flower is supposed to give, I received, because I was there totally with this flower. When the flower bloomed something new, something profound bloomed in me, I happened to bloom. The life is happening to me. I am happening to this life.

In life, every time we allow ourselves to surrender, to experience – not how things are supposed to be, but experience what is there – we are doing something to our formless state. This experience is infinite. No one can remove the experience from you. When your experience is expressed, it is not yours anymore it is part of this life. Even after your bodily life, it is still there.

Life is not a readymade script to be read. It is the drama which needs to be lived without the script. A play – the Leela. We are born, go to school, get educated, meet a partner, get a job, have children, buy a house and car, get a dog, retire, die – a normal practice, which we call a life of the human on this planet. In this story we play rich and poor. The poor man got a small house, small car and a small job. The rich man got a big house, big car and a big job. The whole life we strive to go from small to big. This whole life just passes by in this process of becoming. Most of the time we may not have enough lifetime to enjoy what we have created and accumulated. What we have created is not necessarily our deepest longing. Most of the time it is a comparative need to be met, in order to prove oneself and be accepted. The more we engage in this process, the more we miss the sense of uniqueness and the authentic, direct life experience. Life needs to be lived without the reference from the past, without any comparison.

Life needs to be met in this very moment by the unique person who you are. Most of the time our life is all about humans. Can you believe – to live on a planet with only humans, without flowers and trees, birds and rivers, without the stars and the moon, just humans? It will not be life at all. It will be sterile. When we don’t include all the expressions of this existence – when we don’t let ourselves experience and enjoy this existence, which is not manmade – we will also feel sterile inside. Life includes so much beauty. We were given this form, this human body, and we are also gifted with our senses. The miracle is, we are not only gifted with our senses, but also with what is there to sense – the beauty, the music, the taste, the fragrances and forms – to explore, enjoy, enrich and expand. Life needs to be celebrated every moment you exist. And this celebration, this joy of being totally in Life, is Godliness. God should not be worshipped, but lived.

When a person gets enlightened, it is not that individual getting enlightened, but the world that individual senses gets enlightened. Where God is not a myth, but real.