Love is the real Master in you

When a person says, ‘I’m not able to love’, in a way the person says ‘I am not able to see beauty’. By the time you see beauty, love arises. Love is not your slave, love is the real master in you.

We are afraid of each other. Why? Because we are afraid to fall in love with each other. This is the conflict in the humanity. You don’t want to see the beauty in another person. Because by the time you see their beauty, you fall in love. Once you fall in love, you don’t know how to express this love. You don’t know how to respond to this love which you feel, because what we learned in the past is, that whatever we feel love towards, we want to own. We want to bind it. We want to give future to it. We want to occupy it, whether it is land or a house or a person, boy or girl, by the time you see the beauty in them, you want to own them. But if they are already owned by someone? If already engaged? If you are not able to own the beauty which you see, you don’t know how to respond to it. So, you have to control it. Pain arises. You don’t want to feel this pain, you don’t want to get in this confusion, so you want to blind yourself, to not allow that beauty to enter into you. This limits you. The more and more you control this, at one point you won’t see the beauty in anything anymore. Unless you see beauty, life energy is not entering into you.

Don’t bring confusion with love and sex. I always say, as long as you take sex as the expression of love, you are in trouble, because then you cannot love the whole humanity because you can’t have sex with the whole humanity. So, keep it separate. Love stand on its own! Don’t build a temple around sex. It is one among all the joys. One among all the expressions. One among all the sensations. The flower, the butterfly, the glittering star, the moon and the joy of the body.

Don’t limit yourself. Expand. Allow the beauty to enter into you. Unless you see the beauty in people, you will have fear of being left alone.

Whenever you say “She’s beautiful, he is beautiful, the flower is beautiful”, it might just be learned language without any soul in it. Do you really feel beauty? Do you really experience beauty?

So, how can you see the beauty in people? The beauty in life, beauty in everything? How will you experience beauty? Unless you recognize the beauty in you, you may not experience the beauty outside of you. This is the foundation. You have to recognize that you are unique, that there is beauty in you. The way the Creator created you, designed, articulated and sculptured you, there is beauty in you. Not because of your artificial makeups or jewelleries you become beautiful. No. Your way of being is beautiful. There is a true beauty in you. Every movement of you, the way you breathe, the way you snore, the way you walk, the way you sleep – your very being is beautiful. This beauty needs to be recognized and explored by you. That is individual! That is unique. This beauty which you hold is very, very unique because no photocopy exists. No one exists like you. There is only one moon, one sun and one you in this way. Only one person looks like this. Only you smile like this. Only you can feel like this. You are uniquely beautiful. This beauty needs to be celebrated. This beauty needs to be enjoyed by yourself.

When you see something as beautiful, you recognize that there is beauty in you. Unless you recognize beauty in you, you cannot recognize beauty outside. And unless you recognize beauty outside, you may not be able to see how beautiful you are.

Recognize the beauty in you and celebrate it, express this beauty. You are not an accident. You are a necessity in this world. You are born with a purpose. Through you so many things will come to completion. Through you so many new things are being born.

Welcome to this new world to create a new humanity.