Love is the medicine for fear

It is important to recognize that fear and love are very much related to each other. The more fear you have the more love you are accumulating. You are not expressing love. You have made a lot of boundaries around your love. And so, fear arises. And the more fear you have, the more doubt you will have.

When beauty is entering into you, love arises. And this love needs to be expressed. If you are able to express this love, if you are open, if you allow all the beauty to enter into you, then constantly you are expressing this love. You are entering into the infinite flow of love.

When I express my love today, I don’t have fear about tomorrow because I don’t hold anything for tomorrow, I am not accumulating anything for tomorrow. Then I don’t have fear either. When you are not expressing your love, suppression takes place. The one who is not able to express the love is depressed. The more and more you suppress love, the more and more you also stop seeing beauty. When you stop seeing beauty, you also feel that you don’t have freedom.

Freedom, beauty, love. Without freedom, no beauty. Without beauty, no love. Freedom is the root. It is as equal as your prana is to breathe. When freedom is denied, beauty is taken away. When we suppress love, slowly we stop seeing the beauty in others. To feel love, one needs to be free. And if you want to love the whole humanity, you have to enter into the total freedom too. Otherwise, it is very partial – I am only allowing the freedom or beauty in some people, in some places.

So, how to liberate yourself from fear? It is not to become brave. Bravery belongs to the one who is in fear, to protect himself from his opposite. The very need of protection arises out of fear. Liberation from fear is not about cultivating bravery, but is all about cultivating love. Love is the medicine. The more love you are able to express, the more you are free from fear. In a way, the more and more you are able to express your love, the more you are free from tomorrow. We have a lot of ‘tomorrow’s, a lot of ‘one day’s, a lot of future. We have hope towards the future that one day we will be free, we will feel love. But if you allow yourself to express love, allow love to arise, then tomorrow is not there anymore. Being in present means being in love. I want to be in the present. That is possible when I am in love.