Learning to master your life

The purpose of this life is mastering this life, mastering your inner world, the inner life. By doing that you are mastering your outside also. Sometimes we are a totally different personality inside. We put on a mask outside, and telling stories to others. The stories you are telling to others, the kind of face you are putting on for others, does not belong to you. The karma belongs to the inner experience. You can build many hospitals for people, many schools for poor children. That is not your contribution. Of course, that is all good. It brings a good experience to others. You are doing good things in your life with money. But your own contribution is not money. Your own contribution is your inner experience, the way you value this life and relate and experience this life; the way you experience yourself in this body, on this planet. This is what mastering means. The more and more you master your inner world, the more and more you start to master your outer world, too. This is beautiful. This is the learning. And this is the role of your Guru – to teach you how to master this inner life so that you master this whole life. At one point, there is no inner, no outer, there is no you and me, just the Divine alone exists.

Life is so beautiful. And it is only one time in this way. Your next life may be different – different place, different body, different realms. But this life is an opportunity. We have to make use of this life, this opportunity to free ourselves from our past karmas and also bring a newness into the next life. And also for all the ancestors who lived before you – you are carrying all their karma. The way you liberate yourself, you are also liberating them. This is very, very important to understand. When you liberate yourself, not only you are liberated, your ancestors are also all liberated. All the suffering your parents went through need to end in you, so that it should not continue in your children. Everything is coming to you. It is like playing football. Every time the ball reaches the player’s foot, the game gets a new direction, a new excitement.

So, don’t allow things to pass by. Make sure everything that is coming to you is ending. All the negativity ends in you. All the suffering ends in you. The death finds death within you. The suffering finds death within you, so that the new life is arising.