Is it Possible for everyone to get enlightened?

This whole life is nothing but creating boundaries and maintaining the boundaries. Enlightenment removes the boundaries.
Normally in our human life we always prepare towards the death, towards the disease. But how much do we prepare ourselves to be enlightened? You are preparing yourself for when you are going to get married. You are excited. Maybe you like to have children. You are preparing and you are excited about it. You are going to build a house. So much preparation with the hope. But how many of us in the world are preparing ‘Wow! Soon I will be enlightened, soon I am going to see the God in me!’? How many of us are preparing towards that? We ask so many questions about enlightenment, we read about enlightenment, whether it is enlightenment or even freedom. ‘I am looking for freedom, I want to be totally free! Wow! Soon I will be totally free! Maybe in 6 months I will be totally free!’ What does that mean? How to prepare oneself? Did you prepare, did you come with the expectation that when I come back, I may not be the same person? Did you prepare for it? Or are all your preparations about how to continue the person whom you left? Or, is that person still unknown?

You have every possibility to experience that flow of love, the grace. But we do not believe that it is possible to do that, and we do not look into it practically. It is all about getting to know ourselves, how we perceive this life, how we perceive ourselves and in what way we think our life could be. Is Jesus on the wall or is the possibility in me? Is Buddha on the wall or is the possibility in me? Is Mother Theresa in Calcutta or is she a possibility in me? Every saint, any master that you follow, are they a possibility in me? The true ‘you’ is a possibility that you have within you.