A Dreamer

Be a dreamer. This world belongs to the ones who dream. Every one of us must have a dream – a beautiful dream of which we ourselves are part. 
Normally we might dream that we want to change the world or we want to eradicate poverty or we want to change the economic system. We keep on dreaming for a better world as though the world was outside. We constantly intend to propose a dream for the world or a dream for others. We often forget to dream for ourselves. That’s why most of the time we don’t manifest our dreams. Since we dream for others, nothing happens in our life.

I want to have a dream for myself – in this myself the whole world is included. First start with yourself. Give a dream, give a hope to your body. This year, make a promise to your body. The world which you live in is an extension of you. Whatever you are experiencing inside you, through this inner experience you perceive the world. Come closer to your body and make a wish for what you want to achieve in your body, what you want to experience in your body this year, and direct your thoughts, words, actions towards achieving this goal.
For example, one could say ‘I wish to be in peace. I promise to keep my body in peace.’ Then you are aware of it all the time. In the morning when you wake up, say ‘I want to be in peace today’ and when you go to sleep, look back and be thankful ‘Today I managed to be in peace.’ When you manage to be in peace, it is not that only you had this experience, but you also radiated this experience. If your body is in peace you radiate peace – whoever comes close to you also experiences this peace.

Make a wish for yourself. Make a little inquiry: What experience do I wish to give to my body this year? Make the experience of your body the center of your dream and build the components around that inner experience. Slowly you will realize that you are living in your dream. The dream is not in the future but it becomes your present.

I wish that all your dreams come true.