Inner Yoga

Yoga of the Cosmic Being

Inner Yoga, conceived by Guruji Sri Vast, is a technique that reveals the natural state of being. The practices consist of many asanas and breathing exercises, liberating body, mind and senses from inherent imprints. Inner Yoga is designed to bring a greater understanding of how we can naturally participate in every moment in this planetary life. The unique yoga practices connect us with our innate nature, the true original being, where yoga becomes a way of life rather than a mere practice.

Inner Yoga is a key to learn from nature, to enter into the unknown and to explore the dormant wisdom within. Inner Yoga reveals one’s inner beauty and grace. It works at various subtle layers of the body, including the chakras, elements and the cosmic attunement.

Inner Yoga is a self-healing technique which awakens the inherent intelligence in the body, allowing natural healing to take place.

Inner Yoga is an evolutionary step in the field of Yoga, helping to expand oneself from a physical plane to a cosmic life experience that naturally evokes an inner transformation towards the deeper meaning in life. In this new life experience an inner freedom is attained where one’s life goals can be reached and performed effortlessly.

Benefits of Inner Yoga

Inner Yoga affects our whole system with tremendous benefits. With Inner Yoga one’s life will change to a lighter, natural and positive experience and, naturally, it will radiate and be felt by one’s surrounding.

  • a natural body experience
  • a strong, light and balanced body
  • restful and energized body and mind
  • a healthy immune system
  • a flexible body and a flexible mind
  • a positive approach to life in harmony and joy
  • release of dominant blockages, such as feelings of suffocation and inner conflict
  • sharper memory and clear thinking
  • reduced chattering mind
  • unemotional responding
  • expansion of one’s sensory capacity
  • reconnecting with nature
  • allowing the body to inquire beyond the human standpoint
  • experiencing the grace body
  • aligning with the cosmic realm

“I want you to be according to yourself,
without any reference point. You are just
part of the divine dance. Just dance
with life. Just dance with the
whole existence. In that dance you will
realize that you are endless.”
Guruji Sri Vast