Inner Yoga Teacher Training

I want you to be according to yourself, without any reference point. You are just part of the divine dance. Just dance with life. Just dance with the whole Existence. In that dance you will realize that you are Endless.

The Inner Yoga Teacher Training Series introduces you to the foundation of Inner Yoga philosophy and practice, giving context and support for professionally structuring and conducting Inner Yoga classes.

You will learn a primary series of Inner Yoga, giving a solid foundation and aligned practice to share with others. The course curriculum emphasizes a practical experience of Inner Yoga for your own personal development, as your own experience is the base for conveying these profound exercises to your students. The course includes training in asanas, breathing exercises and nature meditations. Students will have the opportunity to lead classes in order to develop their experience and knowledge of Inner Yoga, benefiting from the teacher’s and fellow students’ feedback.
Course Content:
  • Study the art of Inner Yoga within a life-affirming atmosphere
  • Learn the philosophy of Inner Yoga and how to integrate Yoga into the daily life
  • Learn Sadhanas, natural body movements and pranayama techniques
  • Learn and experience the natural life rhythm
  • Understand the connection between body and mind and their interrelationship


Completion of Inner Yoga teacher training Level 1 equips the student with the knowledge and skills to teach primary classes of Inner Yoga. Classes in Inner Yoga Level 2 & 3 will guide one to professionalize the proper teaching techniques including alignments, what to avoid and when, on how to help one’s students with adjustments and modifying one’s approach according to their needs. Successful completion of each course module grants  the Inner Yoga Teacher Certificate Levels 1 to 3 and after Level 3 one becomes a member in the international Inner Yoga network.

Teacher Training duration:

Level I and Level II include 216 hours of studies. Each level is 2 weeks.
Level III is 4 weeks.
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The Inner Yoga Teacher Training is mainly guided by Matajis, who are direct disciples of Guruji Sri Vast and have lived the Yogic life in his presence and guidance for the past 15 years. All teachers are living at the Sri Vast Centers, and are sharing the profound teachings of the Master with people all over the world.

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