Inner Yoga Introduction

I want you to be according to yourself, without any reference point. You are just part of the divine dance. Just dance with life. Just dance with the whole Existence. In that dance you will realize that you are Endless.

Welcome to discover Inner Yoga in an intensive 3-day experience. Explore a beautiful variety of Inner Yoga exercises at the Center of its origin, so that you can continue this life-affirming spiritual practice at home. The profound exercises are easily learned, and the immediate benefits can be felt.

By regularly practicing the Inner Yoga exercises learned in this introduction course one can experience benefits in everyday life:
  • a more flexible and restful body
  • happiness & a positive approach to life release of dominant blockages, emotions, feelings of suffocation and inner conflicts
  • sharper memory and clear thinking
  • depending of one’s experience of the beauty in nature
  • evolving into a harmonious living experience with others
  • discovering grace inside the body
  • freeing the body and mind for a healthy state towards longevity