If you want to heal the world, you have to heal your body

We as a human species, born into this human body, born on this planet, during this time, during this particular cosmic constellation, we are right now, as a whole humanity facing this crisis. In a way, there is a fear inside of everyone. For a long time there has been fear that if such things take place, if a pandemic comes or if the system is not functioning anymore – what will happen, how will we manage? There is a question inside of us. But we never expected the situation to knock on our door right now. Suddenly it is our present reality.

So how to handle this time of crisis as an individual and also as the whole human society? It is good that in the name of social distancing, we are getting an opportunity also to distance ourselves from our so-called daily practices, daily routines. This is very painful and it also has so much impact on many peoples lives. It brings many sufferings. But at the same time, it is also an opportunity to use this period to distance ourselves from the way we used to function. In a way, taking a break from the way we used to think about ourselves and this life so that we get some kind of clarity.

In this period of crisis, give some space to understand how you are living with your own body, to understand your body. Because that is what matters. Without a body, there is no life. To experience this life, you need this body. Your body is the foundation. During this period try to come closer to your body. When I say come closer to yourself, don’t create stories –  ‘I am Mother Earth’, ‘I am a flower’, ‘I am Anahata chakra’ – don’t create all those stories. Come radically closer to your body and get to know how it feels; how it feels to live in your own body. Whenever things are happening in your life, how does your body feel about it? What is happening in your body? Even if you are going through confrontation, this confrontation brings a certain experience in your body. If you are happy, your body goes through a certain experience. It is all about your body. Start your journey with your body.

Transformation is not an intellectual, mental understanding. Transformation takes place in the body. When a person transforms, his body is transforming. When your body transforms, you are transformed. When your body transforms, the world which you perceive also transforms. Each one of us is living in our own world. Our friends are nothing but people who are relating with our world, who are part of our world. When we have a similar perception, we become friends. When we have similar experiences, we become friends.

Come closer to your body. The more you come closer to your body, the more the body starts to heal. If you want to heal this world, you have to heal your body. If you want to help this world, you have to help your body. If you want to discover yourself, if you want to realize yourself, you have to realize your body. You have to come closer to your body to see how it feels. Most of the time we are trying to fulfil the desire of our identity, the desire of our mind, not the desire of our body. The more you listen to your body, the more you get to know what kind of natural desire your body has, what kind of natural experience your body wants to experience. When you slowly start to fulfil that, you will see tremendous changes are taking place in your life.

The more we alienate ourselves from nature, the more we become alien on this planet. The closer we get to nature and allow our body to interact with nature, the more our mental state will transform. It is not enough to read a book about nature, it is all about learning through the body. In the old paradigm we learned everything mentally. In the new paradigm, the new humanity, we will learn everything through our body.

We have created a kind of micro-climate around us, a kind of wax around us, so that we are not touched by this life. We have created a sub-culture and we are mostly engaged in this sub-culture. But our body belongs to this planet. Our body is part of all other living beings. The more we bring our body closer to the nature, the more we both evolve together. When everyone is connecting to nature, we can sense each other in a totally different manner.

It is a beautiful opportunity to come closer to yourself, to know your body. Start this journey of knowing your body. Develop a conversation with your own body first. You will get to know the Divine in it. Develop a dialogue with your body to know what your body longs for, what kind of experience it longs for. Because all the hard work that we do, at the end it is all only for our body. We buy couches to sit comfortably, we buy cars to drive comfortably, we build houses to keep us comfortable, we buy dresses to decorate our body. It’s all about the body. Then reflect on whether your daily life, the way you live, is able to fulfil this longing. If you say yes, then you are on the right track. If you say no, it is a totally different direction and it’s time to turn around.

Life is only once. And life is so beautiful. Being a human, living in this body, living on this planet, living as a human species – beautiful! It is a paradise here. It is a very beautiful planet to live on. Our life does not need to be suffering. We do not need to go through all these dramas. Come closer to your body. Evoke your natural state to be reborn as a new human.