“I want to be free to experience me!”

You want to be free. You want to be liberated from this or that. And afterwards, what will you do? For what do you want to be free?

Get to know that. Do you mean “I want to be free to liberate the world, to change the world”? Then you will never get freedom. It is our ego trying to use enlightenment as a capacity, as a tool, as status or as one more weapon to fight with. It will not happen, because the world we want to change does not exist. It exists only in our head.

But if you want to liberate so that you can live in peace, if you want to liberate so that you can live impersonally, if you want to liberate so that you can become useful, become graceful, if you want to liberate so that you will not own anything – so that no one owns you either – then liberation becomes interesting. Otherwise, it has no function.

If you say: ‘I want to be free, so that I can be in peace, be present and sense everything – sense the truth, because I am liberated from my ignorance. I want to be free to experience me.’ then freedom becomes available to you. Then you have something to refer to in your thoughts, words and action, whether they will bring peace, expansion and presence to you.

When we blindly say that we want to be liberated, we don’t know what it means. For example, if I want to invest in a business to earn a lot of money, is this going to earn me peace? Am I going to be in peace with this business? If the answer is, “No. It is not going to bring peace,” then it is interesting: What I want is liberation because I want to be in peace, but the business that I am starting is not going to give me peace. It is a contradiction. What I am longing for is peace, but my action is not going to bring me peace. Then I have to decide which one is true, so that my language becomes very clear. I choose either peace or the activity. Otherwise, I am lying to myself: I want to be in peace, but I am engaged in activities which are not going to bring peace to me.

If you say, ‘No matter what, I want to bring peace to me,’ what then is the root of peace?
The root of peace is presence. That means that nothing is missed by you. If you feel that something is missing, then you are pulled from this very moment by what is missed by you.

When you are not withdrawing and you are not pulled by anything else than this moment, you become one with this very moment. When you become one with this very moment, you will experience the meaning of vast – infinite – eternal. Once you are touched by life, nothing else can give you more than that. This moment is whole. The experience of being totally one with this moment – nothing can match that.