How to dissolve the Ego?

You will always have an identity. Even if you say: “I don’t want. I don’t have an identity”.  That is your identity – the one who is not having identity. There is always something inside. Emptiness itself is inside. This cup is empty. That means what? It is filled with emptiness. There is nothing you can claim is nothing. Something is there. So always you will have an identity. If you say: “I’m free from all my identities”, means: there is no emotional response to my identity.

Ego is the one which clings to this identity and wants to ‘perform’. Ego always wants to make you feel that you are right. To make you feel ‘right’, naturally you will try to make others ‘wrong’.

You want to do something good for people. So many people are doing something good for people. But you may not be interested to join them to do something good for people. Ego always keeps you separate. It never allows you to dissolve. So the ‘doing good to people’ is not important. Your ego wants to glorify itself . So you have to find some mediums to create this ego more beautiful.

Wherever you go, you say: “I think, it is like this”. You look at the tree and you say: “I think the tree is like this.” The tree will say: “It’s not your business. Just enjoy. I don’t bother about what you think about me. Just enjoy me.” Ego never allows you to enjoy. It always makes you to analyze so that you can come to a conclusion. Ego is always conclusion-oriented. It wants to have a conclusion. It wants to make a judgment, give an opinion, come to its standpoint. If you keep things open, without concluding, your ego will leave you after some time. It is a very interesting process. You read a book, immediately you come to a conclusion: “It is like this”. Don’t do that, say instead, “This is his opinion.” Whatever your mind thinks is not necessarily the absolute truth. Seven billion people will think seven billion different ways. So how many truths do we have? Seven billion truths. Mine is one among seven billions truths. This way you will have less problems. When you start to say: “Only mine is truth”, you are in trouble. If you have a partner, how many truths do you have? You have three truths. One is your truth, one is her truth. Both together, you create a third truth. ‘We’ think like this. We mix two things together and we make a third. Even these three truths are one among the seven billion truths.

Don’t come to a conclusion. Keep it open, because tomorrow it will be different. Don’t conclude: “I know this garden”. If you conclude: “I know this garden”, you are a loser. Because tomorrow the garden is new. Every moment the garden is new. It keeps on changing: new flowers, new branches, new leaves. That is the beauty of this life. Every day, every moment, life keeps on changing, it is constantly changing. But the ego never allows this change. The ego is past-oriented. It always projects this present through the past. So nothing is moving. No one knows you. You do not even know yourself. Every day there is some new butterfly in you, everyday there is some new flower in you. You don’t see it. You already have come to a conclusion about yourself – this is me. And this ‘me’ is not in the present. It is based on what happened in your past.

The same way that the garden keeps on changing, keeps on blooming, you also keep on changing, keep on blooming. Every day you are a new person. And if you allow yourself to see this life through this new born person, as if the world itself were new born, you would see a totally different rainbow every day, new colors, new fragrances, new flowers. Otherwise life seems to be a distant idea, an idea to live. Day by day everything is passing by. Every day there is one more grey hair, one more wrinkle. That cannot only be the life. Every day there is one more flower, one more butterfly.