Homefulness :

Sharing by a Devotee

“When you enter Sri Vast Center, you see a big stone with the words ‘welcome home’ encarved on it. When I walked in, I wondered what that was about. Now, five months later, I know more. For me, it is about homefulness, about being homeful.

But what does that mean?

I found a home and when I write this, I don’t mean a house with nicely selected furniture or this center or the people here. I’m talking about a state of being. I’m talking about being homeful.

Like a wrecking ball Guruji’s teachings break the walls of my little, comfortably arranged world. Making me to jump out of it, to jump into life. I am learning how to feel home in the vast unarranged life, home in my body, home in myself instead of my comfort zone. It is a home that is changing every moment, unpredictable, unknown -and yet, deeply familiar.
Even though we live in beautiful buildings, I will never call the inside space of these walls my home. I’m getting to know the inside of my inside, and that, that it my home.

It is a sense of belonging to life. As long as I live I have been given a space on this earth. It is not that I belong to this place here or to the people I am living with. I belong to life. And living in Sri Vast Center helps me to realize this unbelievable life that I am, the life in which I am home. This incredible wonder. Never would I have thought that I could call something so beautiful my home.

I am coming home, realizing home, becoming homeful. And how beautiful it is to do that together, to go home hand in hand. Because how could your home ever be different from mine? Together we are home in life and life is happening just now, right in this moment. Together we are home in this moment.

Don’t miss it. Be alive now.
Come, and be home now.”