Guruji Sri Vast was born in a small remote village in Tamil Nadu, in the very south of India. He was a special child, full of joy and wisdom. From a very early age people, young and old, used to gather around to listen to Him.

Many times during His childhood and youth Guruji Sri Vast naturally went into a state of samadhi, where He was physically unconscious, but where He experienced a totally different dimension of the human life on this planet. In this dimension, life was a harmonious living experience between all beings. After these experiences the big question arose within Him: Which world is the true world? The world that He experienced physically and daily? Or a world beyond that – a world in a totally different dimension, where life was not conditioned? This led Him to wonder about the way we humans communicate with life.

More and more He wondered why his life seemed to be easy and beautiful, when others seemed to suffer. Problems faced by others were not perceived as problems by Him. In Guruji’s words: “Everything happened without any effort towards the unknown future.” At the age of 20 Guruji Sri Vast went through a tremendous experience of freedom, where there were no conditions or limitations to life in any way. Guruji experienced that there was no future. He could not even plan for the next day. Suddenly everything came to an end. There was just a state of total freedom and presence. After this experience He questioned His present path and education to an even greater extent. Guruji Sri Vast realized that the existing educational system did not support either inner growth or being in the present. A couple of years later, in 1993, Guruji created a Learning Community and an Ecological Center. There He shared His experiences, explaining how life can be experienced beyond any suffering. He taught the profound relationship between human and nature. At the Center people could learn an ecological way of taking care of nature and of themselves. The Center also provided free education within this field, as well as traditional Siddha medicine and medical support to the many surrounding villages. People from many countries and different walks of life joined His endeavour to investigate ways to live in harmony with nature. Guruji Sri Vast’s urge to explore and understand life on earth continued. He started to get invitations from around the world, travelling to different places to give talks.

In the year 2000 Guruji Sri Vast started an International Center for Ecology and Spiritual Studies and many spiritual teachers and sadhus came to share their experiences. From the age of 24 Guruji Sri Vast started to live in Sweden and India. At the age of 27, Guruji got married to a Swedish documentary filmmaker. At the age of 30, they got their first and two years later, their second son. At the age of 32, during a long snowy winter in Sweden, Guruji Sri Vast, whilst meditating in the middle of the forest, entered into a new realization: “I saw my body lying there, as if it was dead. The whole planet Earth became very small, and then the whole galaxy became small; there was no fear, no pain, no questions, no separation, no form.


The whole existence started to breathe together as in one single breath and I was totally in bliss. It was a great journey. When I came back to the body I experienced so much heat and I was sweating. I could not move my body; I started to crawl like a newborn child. At first I had no memory of the past and no idea of what was happening, but everything was taken care of by itself. The body was weightless, the breathing was changed, the amount of prana that went inside the body was very high and it felt like floating on the air. For three weeks it continued like this. During this time I went out of my body several times. At one point I lost my speech. After this, for the next three months I constantly went through strong experiences of being in different dimensions. My body got altered and the way my body experiences the life on this planet got totally transformed.

Guruji Sri Vast

“This state was so full of bliss – all the questions were answered. The total purpose of living revealed itself. This experience brought a discontinuity from the past, and it changed everything. Every moment in life became so wonderful and precious.”
Guruji Sri Vast

Life became open, endless, ageless and goalless. There was nothing to reach anymore, just a great silence inside. For me, that moment revealed the truth that everything is enlightened in this world; whatever I see and whomever I meet. When a person becomes enlightened, not just that individual is enlightened. But that person’s whole world becomes enlightened. To me, you are all enlightened. Enlightenment is not something that happened one day in the past through a particular experience. Enlightenment is experiencing every moment as an enlightening moment. Enlightenment is happening in this very moment, in every step you take, in every choice you make. It is an endless freedom and a completely effortless living, a sense of oneness and a constant flow of love. Everything in life becomes very much grounded and all comparisons disappear.

Guruji Sri Vast

From this period onwards, I started to communicate with the trees, flowers and all other beings, birds and animals, stars and moon, I see myself as a flower blooming, I see me in all the trees, in every leaf. I am able to feel the whole cosmic movement in my body, a constant communication, an experience in my body of a constant interaction between the cosmos, planets, earth, elements and all living beings with my senses and organs. I experience the interplay of the infinite, deathless life. There are not much words available in the present language to explain the intensity of life and its endless creation. I see the potential in everyone, to attain this eternity.” After this profound experience, Guruji Sri Vast, who has never had any particular teachers Himself, started to give talks on “Naturalization of Mankind” and “Enlightenment”.

Guruji Sri Vast conceived and shares the practices of Inner Yoga – a unique set of nature exercises, meditation techniques and subtle movements, which were transmitted during Guruji’s samadhi experience. Inner Yoga is a methodology of exploring the transcendental nature of oneself. Guruji shares as well a unique self-inquiry process, an inward journey where we are challenged to meet our ideas about ourselves and life, in order to get closer to our true inner being. The Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast are provocative and revolutionary in their approach towards life, questioning our deepest belief systems and the concepts of Man and God. Thousands of people have been inspired by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast, sharing their joy, wisdom and devotion with others. The Master’s disciples witnessed hundreds of miracles of people being healed from physical and mental pain. Innumerable people experienced transformation into their life situations by purely entering into Guruji’s divine presence, just blessed by His grace. His radiant divine nature brings awakening into our lives.


Guruji invites everyone into the Divine Age – a new era where humanity can live in harmony with all beings and explore the love, beauty and sacredness everywhere and in everyone. A life which explores the ultimate possibility of our human nature, evolving into divine nature. Guruji’s Teachings have its freshness to support the contemporary humanity. The Teachings are beyond any religion and tradition. Guruji approaches everyone as a divine being, who needs to realize the divine nature. You are welcome to experience the formless in form – a living divine manifestation – Guruji Sri Vast. A manifestation to realize the Divine Age:

“A New World needs new inspiration, a new culture, a new food, a new beauty, a new music. A New World which is free from the past, free from religious dogmatism, free from discriminative cultures and traditions. A New World which brings new light into our heart. A world where we all can live in the grace of divine beauty. A world where we all can live in harmony between men and women, between human and nature. A world where God is not a myth but a reality of every moment.
I welcome you into this New World, a raceless society, where God is not worshiped but practiced in between us – a dream for dreamers, a divine poetry – ‘The Divine Age’.”
Guruji Sri Vast