Give me an opportunity to express my love

Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram. Truth, godliness and beauty. When a person attains godliness then they will see the beauty of this life, where the bliss arises, where the love, infinite love arises. Beauty is the most important. When you see the beauty of the creation, when you see the beauty of this life, the infinite love arises. When the infinite love arises, all our boundaries are broken. Because when the love arises, we want to take care and we want to share our living experiences. Naturally, this whole world becomes one.

Beauty is possible only when the freedom is there. This flower is beautiful because it is free to bloom. There are no conditions. There is an experience. This experience is expressed and the flower becomes real. When you look at this flower, there is some joy happening. The whole cosmic movement brings this shape, color and fragrance to the flower. When you experience this flower, when you see this flower, something is taking place and this experience needs to be expressed. But when you refuse to express yourself, slowly, slowly it becomes a suppression.

Beauty comes only out of freedom. And out of beauty, love arises. When the love arises, this love needs to be expressed. Sharing and caring for others. That is the expression of love, our experience of love. When this experience arises, I want to take care and share my experience. When this experience is not expressed in an action, slowly dramas start. All our war in this world, all our fight in this world, all the jealousy in this world, it is all because we cannot express our love. When a person is not able to express his love, it turns into fighting.

Always find little, little excuses to express your love. I always ask: “Give me a chance. Give me an opportunity so that I can express my love, so that I can take care of everyone, so that I can share my life with everyone.” Otherwise I will get sick. Most of your sickness is because you are not able to express your love. If you are not able to express your love, you will fall sick. Follow anyone who can show the beauty of this life so that love will arise in you, so that you will take care everywhere, even of small things. Don’t give up.

In your presence people must transform. Anything negative that comes to you, must be transcended by you. When you see the flower, appreciate and suddenly you will be realizing that you are surrounded by flowers.

Everything is an opportunity to express this love, to be joyful. Every small thing.

Your joy must be so strong. Your love must be so strong. Your grace must be so strong. And your freedom must be so strong so that it radiates, it transforms your surroundings. Your love, your freedom, your joy, your peace, your fire, must show people that there is another way of looking, another way of living this same life, drinking the same cup of tea, another way of sipping it. It tastes different. And the way I drink, it tastes so good. The way you drink the same life, if it is not tasting good, change it, change the cup or change the tea. No matter what it is you are changing, make sure that you are enjoying it. You do not have to change others. Out of seeing your glittering joy, your glittering peace, your glittering freedom then others will want to run after you: “Wow! Give me that recipe too so that I can accompany you.”

There is an experience that makes me to see this flower. This flower becomes an experience and this experience makes me to see the next flower. And if I am a carpenter, by seeing a flower, it gives me this joy and an opportunity to design, create a piece of furniture. When you see that furniture, you will also have my experience of the flower.

Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram. True wisdom, true knowledge will bring godliness – Sivam. How do you know the godliness? The godliness makes you to see the beauty of this life – Sundaram. Sundaram contains everything. Beauty contains joy, abundance, ethics and freedom. Everything is in it.