Equality in spirituality

The core of spirituality is equality.

If you believe that there is something beyond our human capacity, which is supreme, which is Divine – you can say that you believe in equality where life is equal for all beings, where everyone has equal dignity.

When you discriminate in the name of gender, in the name of religion, ethnicity, nationality, caste – no matter what kind of discrimination, and you feel that someone is less than you, I say that you are not believing in the Divine. You are not believing in something supreme. You are not believing in you!

When I discriminate someone, literally, I am discriminating a part of me. You cannot reduce yourself. It is very rare to be born as human. We are a very beautiful species. A species which can include, which can embrace, which can love beyond its boundary, beyond its species. Not necessarily all other species have the same quality. When I discriminate, I am discriminating part of me. When you believe in the Divine, the very foundation is that you believe that everyone is divine, that everyone is equal.

Your spiritual path is part of attaining that equality. It is not that my spiritual path is going to help me to achieve more power. My spiritual path is part of achieving equality – equal space, equal approach between me and others, me and every species. When I am able to achieve this equality, without any separation between me and what is sensed by me, it is total liberation. Your spiritual growth is that you are growing towards this equality. Total liberation is only possible when you accept everyone is equal to you, when you are able to dissolve into one. When the experiencer and what is experienced are not two different things anymore. All our spiritual practices must help us to achieve this equality.

Deep inside you are nothing but love. This life is so beautiful. This planet is so beautiful. So much love arises and this love needs to be expressed. When we discriminate, when we separate people, in a way, we are losing the mediums to express our love. Everyone we meet in our life is a gift, an opportunity for us to express our love.

Life is beautiful. You are the gift to this life. Life is the gift to you. These both need to meet. And both need to dissolve into each other, become one with each other. Then there is no space for discrimination. Life is one time in this way. Make it beautiful. Make it beautiful for everyone.