• The Master

    In the graceful presence of the Master people gather to celebrate and get inspired. Guruji's wisdom helps one to explore the life through the eyes of the Enlightened
  • The Master

    In the graceful presence of the Master people gather to celebrate and get inspired. Guruji's wisdom helps one to explore the life through the eyes of the Enlightened
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The Living Teaching

- a Practical Spirituality 


Guruji Sri Vast - A Master, Mystic and Poet, full of authentic joy, love, grace and a flow of natural wisdom, teaching celebration of Life as a path towards total Liberation.

Guruji Sri Vast is an enlightened spiritual Master from South India, spreading a grounded awakening spirituality, communicating directly with the divine source within us. It is a profound inspiration of rediscovering life on the planet. Guruji’s words and graceful presence, his remarkable insights towards the consciousness of the emerging paradigm are an inspiration for living a healthy and harmonious life attuned with nature.

In Guruji’s graceful presence innumerable healing miracles have taken place. His dedication for the common good, His spiritual practices and the wisdom taught by Him have touched the very core of thousands of people and have transformed their life experiences. Being in Guruji Sri Vast’s presence is an awakening experience which initiates self realization.


Satsang Excerpts

Satsang Excerpt: Enlightenment - What is Enlightenment?

Satsang Excerpt: Mystic - Cosmic Being

Satsang Excerpt: Spirituality - What is Spirituality?

Satsang Excerpt: Inner Yoga - What is inner Yoga?

Satsang Excerpt: Education - When I play with You I am a child again

Satsang Excerpt: Ecology - What a wonderful world

Satsang Excerpt: The meeting with Life

Inner Essence

Source of the Wisdom


Supporting Mother Earth

Retreat with Guruji Sri Vast

  • Winter Retreat
  • Purnam
  • Living Enlightenment
  • Mystic's Way

Winter Retreat

30 Dec - 8 Jan in India

People from all walks of life come to Sri Vast Center for the end of the year, to be part of this memorable 10-day celebration in the presence of Guruji Sri Vast. Join us in this joyful communion with the Master – a retreat full of spiritual discoveries – an experience of silence, celebration and inner bliss. It is a beautiful time to nurture your body, evoke your spirit and rejoice in the essence of Life.

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Purnam - Completeness

in India

Purnam means Completeness - Completeness of oneself in body, mind and soul. During this 10-day program Guruji Sri Vast teaches the Alchemy of Enlightenment – revealing the path towards Total Liberation.
Guruji’s graceful presence and profound wisdom inspire us to transcend the inherent imprints from our past and to rediscover the completeness in ourself – an innocent state of divine beauty.

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Living Enlightenment

in Sweden

This Retreat is an eye-opener, allowing us to meet and celebrate every moment of life through the eyes of the Enlightened One. Welcome to explore your transcendental Nature!
From a profound experience of Total Liberation, Guruji shares with us the Art of Enlightenment and how it is practically accessible to all through a process of inner transformation. The presence of the Master brings new light into our life, helping to free us from our past and its karmic cycle, attain clarity of life purpose and learn ways to participate in the divine plane.

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Mystic's Way

The Mystic’s Way Retreat is especially for those with a thirst to further their spiritual experience. With its unique and transcendental techniques, this retreat explores the Way of the Living Mystic, revealing the hidden truths of our being. The profound wisdom shared by Guruji during these 10 days, inspires us to enter into a whole new dimension of exploring life on this planet. As processors of consciousness we are gifted with the ability to influence the events of the universe, far beyond the world we know.

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Weekend Retreats

  • The Meeting
    Encounter your Self

    + new dates coming up soon
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