The Meeting Retreat with Guruji Sri Vast

The Meeting
Encounter your Inner Self

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This inspirational retreat in the presence of Guruji Sri Vast, offers a unique opportunity to rediscover your Inner Self, seeing your potential of exploring this life in absolute beauty. Through His grounded spirituality, graceful presence and joyful approach towards life, Guruji brings new light upon the path of total Liberation.

The retreat program encompasses profound insights and practical tools, which bring transformative realizations in ones personal life. It is an life-enhancing meeting on the path towards inner silence and a happy, joyous life experience. This retreat encourages you to go beyond your inherent limitations and awaken the long resting connection with your true Self, evoking your inner child to dance with the life! It strengthenes ones true self and motivates the inspiring passion towards Life.


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3-day Retreat with Guruji Sri Vast


Inner Essence

Guruji Sri Vast

a Master, Mystic and Poet, full of authentic joy, love, grace and a flow of natural wisdom, teaching celebration of Life as a path towards total Liberation

Guruji Sri Vast is an enlightened spiritual Master from South India, spreading a grounded awakening spirituality, communicating directly with the divine source within us. It is a profound inspiration of rediscovering life on the planet. Being in Guruji’s graceful presence is a life changing experience.

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