What is Cosmic Life?

The essence of creation is a cosmic movement, which creates experiences. And these experiences keep on evolving. We can’t just limit the whole creation with our human love itself. It’s something greater than that. We are part of the whole cosmic. And we have one particular function of transcending and processing. Our human experience itself, it has a function, but it’s not the only reason for the whole creation.

Throughout billions of years of evolution, so many cosmic events took place to form this life, giving rise to the divine human. This divine being has been domesticated for thousands of years, forced to alienate itself from its original Divine Nature.

Because of all our conditions we have separated ourselves from the cosmic energy, which vitalizes our body to live in an enlightened state.

Our life on this planet is so beautiful. But the rare qualities and potential of the human species are seldom experienced. We are not mere physical beings on earth – we are Cosmic Beings whose experiences are directly connected with the movements of the cosmos. By mastering the cosmic influences and reconnecting with our Divine Nature, we attain an awareness of the universe and recognize the divinity of the whole creation.