Chandra Sadhana

5-day Moon Energy Process

By seeing the rainbow, all the colours inside of you, the beauty inside of you, is evoked. When you see the star, all the stars inside of you are evoked. When you see the moon, the quality of the moon is evoked inside of you. It is a glittering beauty, as shining beauty. It is the Bliss. When you dissolve.

Experience the profound benefits of the mystic moon energy during Chandra Sadhana, a 5-day meditation program conducted during the full moon.

Every full moon has its own unique star constellation, which directly influences our human experience on this planet. Chandra Sadhana is attuned to these cosmic influences, balancing our body, mind and emotions so that our life becomes more harmonious.

Chandra Sadhana is a spiritual practice bringing new experiences into every cell of our body, rejuvenating the body and mind, and freeing us from excessive energies and imprints. Chandra Sadhana, initiated by the spiritual Master Guruji Sri Vast, is a guided spiritual practice in the presence of the enlightened Master, introducing one to a self-transformation process supported by the mystical moonlight.

The Chandra program is conducted every full moon with a 5-day-program, starting 2 days before the full moon.