By transforming yourself you are transforming your world

Interviewer: How does the future of this planet look like? And how does each person contribute their part?

Guruji Sri Vast:

We have the opportunity to make this planet the Kingdom of Heaven again. It is in our hands. Particularly people who are living at this time, have the biggest responsibility to invest their own life towards that. It’s not just investing some money into some project. It doesn’t help at all. Every individual’s life can be a contribution towards the change. Otherwise our life and our dream are two different things, they are contradictory. We have to transform. It is the only way. We have to look at life in a totally different way. Our living experience.

Whether we want or not, this change will take place. We will be forced by nature to make this change. There is a limit. We have already crossed the limit a long time back and so naturally there is an external force which needs to take place to bring changes. And that external force is cosmic, the nature. The planet itself will force us to transform. And we will transform. This attitude is already taking place. More and more people are realizing the need of living the life in harmony with nature. We are more aware now but simultaneously we are also alienating ourselves from the nature. The more and more we alienate from the nature, the more the need to unite with the nature is also stronger. Since our life is totally going in another direction, the pull to drop that and to re-unite with the Mother Earth is also strong. I see in a way, that at the end, we will experience being as one humanity rather than being separated with different masks. We will experience the one humanity which is part of the whole nature, which is part of this cosmic play.

As an individual, our needs, our way of consuming, need to transform. It’s not about what we consume. Most of the time we are talking about reducing the consumption. But the question is why do we consume? Instead of consuming 10 kilos of normal potatoes we consume 10 kilos of organic potatoes. That doesn’t mean that we found the solution. Something is making us to consume, something is making us restless. We have to discover why we consume. Otherwise we are just changing the color of our consumption, not transforming it. An individual contribution towards the transition is self-transformation. By transforming yourself you are transforming your world. When every individual realizes this, we will experience a collective change, we will experience a conscious shift.

Naturally as an individual, our longingness will transform. Now we are longing to fit somehow into the so-called life patterns, the so-called organizations. We are longing to be recognized by what we ourselves don’t recognize. For example, we may be interested to be recognized by the so-called society but we ourselves may not recognize the same society. But we have the need to be recognized by the society. And this attitude needs to change because we create society. We project society and we create society. Every individual, by transforming themselves, not trying to change others, they are contributing towards this change.