Are you ready to meet Life?

“When you think about life, where does it end? Where is the border? Up to where can you see your life? What is my life?

If I identify myself with my body, when this body dies then this life dies. When this body is born, life is born. I am born and I will die. But when I lose this identity, when I experience myself beyond this body, then I also experience the life beyond the limitations of my body. ‘Life’ is a term; it is such a big term, so vast. It is very difficult to limit the experience. It took billions and billions of years to form this life that we live now and there are billions and billions of years in front of us. Infiniteness.

When we see our life within this body, we see all the limitations. But when we experience the life beyond this body, that shift brings totally another dimension to the body. I was formless, I got the form, I become formless. I may get another form and again become formless. It is a continuation. This form is one possibility. When I lose this form, what will be there? Just peace, bliss and the infinite. The pain belongs to the form, it does not belong to the formless. We want to experience that experience of formless in this form.

When you say that you want to experience God all the time, you are not talking about God, you are talking about this peace and bliss inside, this infiniteness where you don’t have any boundary around you. The pain that you are going through physically or mentally is all due to your boundaries.When we talk about life, we are talking about the infinite, a constant evolution. The problem is when we refuse to evolve, when we are stagnant. In nature everything is growing, everything keeps on changing, evolving from one thing into another. But we claim ourselves as something static: This is me, I am like this. And yet we are constantly evolving. We are refusing to understand that we are evolving. Our body is changing but our mind is not ready to change because it has decided ‘This is me’. The mind is not able to provide what our body wants. Everything is happening in our mind. But life needs to happen in our body not in our mind.

The mind holds the information about the life. The body belongs to the life. Whatever is happening in life is happening in your body. When there is movement in space, movement takes place in your body. In winter, winter takes place in your body; summer and spring take place in your body. There are some flowers that bloom at a particular time, those flowers are also blooming in your body. Your body is part of this life and this life is infinite. Any experience going inside your body is an infinite experience because you do not keep all your experiences only in your body but also outside of your body.
Life is so beautiful.”