A Dream for the Divine Age

Humanity as a whole needs to have a divine dream.
We had different eras, like the stone age and the bronze age. We have to propose the Divine Age to this planet. Where we respect each other, where the world is in peace, the world is in harmony, where the world is one world.
This plane belongs to the dreamers. We have to develop our capacity to dream. We have to learn how to dream together, a common dream, so that we can make a common reality. When everyone’s dream becomes part of one dream, it becomes a big dream and it gets manifested.

We need to have a beautiful picture of the world. As humanity we don’t have a dream for this life. That’s why we don’t know where to go next, and stagnancy comes. We don’t have the dream that we can live in happiness with each other, without boundaries, without fear.
This planet is beautiful, but we have only worries about it: How are we going to manage? What will happen to the humanity? What will happen to all the animals, to all the plants? We don’t have any proposal for this world, for the betterment of humanity. We only have a proposal for how to control, how to occupy, how to maintain the hostility towards countries, cultures and ethnicities. We want to have better weapons to create more fear in others. It is a race of fear only. Fear cannot be won by further fear. Fear needs to be won by the peace.
Instead of ‘Final judgment day is coming,’ we must have the approach ‘Enlightenment day is coming!’ We must erase all these fear-oriented, guilt-oriented concepts from our consciousness.

We have to visualize a dream. Every one of us has a dream for ourselves: ‘I don’t want to have pain, I wish to be in peace, I wish to live in beauty.’ When we dream for our individual body then we also need to have a proposal for a new humanity, a dream for the whole world – a Divine Age. A dream for ‘my family, my children’ is not enough. Our dream needs to include the whole humanity.
We may have a dream but we don’t include our body in this dream. We keep our dream in the mind and it never gets manifested. ‘I want to fly, this is my dream.’ What are you doing now? ‘Sleeping.’ The engagement of your body is conflicting with your dream. To fly, what must you do? Get up from the bed first, nothing is moving!
When I have a dream, I have to move my body towards my dream. Whatever I believe is mine, whatever I have, also needs to move towards the dream. ‘I wish the whole world to be in peace,’ but I don’t participate wholeheartedly with all I have, my house, my car, or any other resources towards that peace. We think that someone else needs to do it and this is how everyone is approaching it.

We must have a dream of one humanity. We must have a dream of one planet. There are no nations. No animal understands what a border is. No culture, no ethnic group is worth less than anyone else. It is not right that one euro equals 90 rupees. We agreed upon common standards to practice hostility, boundaries, discrimination, controlling. We keep all these as standard norms, legally approved logics to trade with countries, organizations, people. And still, we say we want to live in peace among all these contradictions. We don’t question the contradictions.

It is difficult to find another planet as beautiful as this. All the issues are there. But there is a life in spite of all this.
Have you seen an ant hill? For me, all our problems are like an ant colony in a bigger forest. When we are walking past an ant colony, we are not putting our head inside it and getting panic. We just walk by. The whole humanity is a kind of ant colony. I am walking among them and I see how things are changing and I see it is all small. The planet itself is small and on that planet we are some little ants there.
All the issues are there on the planet, but not only these are there. So many beautiful things are there, simultaneously. It is very important to recognize the beauty of this life. The more we refuse to recognize the beauty, all the other things become our reality. Then we don’t see the solution because we don’t see what we want to move towards. If you are really open, suddenly you see that so many positive things are happening in life. The more and more you expand you see ‘Wow, whatever I thought is a problem is all very small comparing with what the good things are in this life.’ Then you become stronger to handle anything.

I have a simple logic in me: My dream must be bigger than my problem. The problem will solve on its own. It is a totally different understanding of how to handle everything.
Say you are in conflict with one person, one relationship. You drop everything else, you want to be accepted by this person, you want to be acknowledged by this person, you want to prove yourself to this person. You are totally lost. I say no, don’t only dream of being in harmony with this person, with this boy or with this girl. Then you are in a poor situation. I want you to have this harmony with the whole life, the whole world. Suddenly this person becomes one among eight billion people – a very little part of my dream. But we betray the whole humanity and want to be accepted by this one person. You are a total loser of eight billion people’s acceptance, eight billion people’s love.
Your dream must be bigger than your problem. Your dream must be much bigger than everything.

Dream a proposal. Dream for a joyful, peaceful, harmonious world. How could this world be? What kind of world do you dream for? When you really see something – don’t underestimate the power of this. Don’t underestimate yourself. The human species is an amazingly beautiful species. Our capacity to create is so high but we don’t use this capacity. It is a capacity which is available for everyone.
Just search inside of your body and you will find a world of harmony, peace, beauty, compassion and grace.