Inspiration for a new humanity - left frame with golden flowers

Inspiration for a New Humanity

An emerging paradigm


Welcome to the inspiration for a New Humanity. As a human being we have existed for thousands of years, slowly evolving into the way we are now. At this point, from every aspect of our lives, the questions arise: “What happened to us?” and “What is this life all about?” All over the world, people have started to investigate in which way we can give new direction to our evolution. As a result of our times, many Masters have evolved, bringing consciousness for growth and personal transformation.

We, as an eco-spiritual Movement, inspired by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast, are actively engaged in realizing a New Humanity; an emerging paradigm where our daily human life is the experience of love, care and share. The core of our existence is truth, beauty and godliness. It is a world where human beings live in harmony with all beings, a world where man and woman dissolve their differences and become whole, a world that can be co-created with Nature, a world where God is not a myth, but a mere reality, a world where you and me can celebrate each other’s presence; a New Humanity.

As a citizen of this planet, as a member of the human species, as a participant of this time, we have the possibility to engage in transforming the world we are living in. As Guruji says: “By transforming yourself, you are transforming your world”. It is an invitation to be inspired by the presence of a living Master, who can provoke the hidden God within us. We see the Master as a speaker of the consciousness. The Teachings explored are a practical eco-spirituality pointing to the internal process of naturalization, to the cultivation of a deep inner knowing and a communion with existence.

come come join the dance - come come be the song