Permaculture Design Course

Ethics of Ecological Design


Permaculture is a design approach to gardens, homes and communities that considers the intricate relationships that support life on earth as expressed in the diversity of our ecosystems. Through the careful observation of the structures, patterns, forms, textures, shapes and cycles of these relationships, students develop a deep understanding of the ethics and principles of Permaculture Design. This course emphasizes the beauty and sacredness of life while including the human species in the ecology of existence. Students learn to design and create sustainable edible landscapes and naturally harmonious living spaces with awareness and mindfulness. The ethics and principles of Permaculture Design are explored and applied in the garden with a balance of theoretical analysis, observation and hands-on learning. Students share observations, realizations and designs in an open and supportive learning atmosphere. The Permaculture Design Course includes study trips to local ecosystems and model Permaculture Designs. Join this inspiring exploration of the art of nature in Sweden.



Courses offered

5 days - Intro to Permaculture

2 weeks - Permaculture Design Course

Sweden Program



Permaculture Gardening

Sweden, May 1 - 31