• Organic School Co-knowers

    "A child needs a child. A child does not need a teacher, it needs a 'co-knower'. Give space to yourself to experience your emptiness. In the same way, create space for the children to experience their own emptiness.“
    Sri Vast

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Our Teachers here at the Organic School are called Co-Knowers. Co-Knowers are people who share a passion for learning, an enthusiasm for discovery, a fascination of life and can join the children in their world. Co-Knowers are people devoted to the smooth running of the school, providing stable relationships to the Learning Community. These facilitators do not pretend to know more than any child; they are engaged in providing company into the wilderness of childhood and are actively present in the learning process.

organic school children playing

How to become a Co-Knower?

People sharing an inner longing to engage in this kind of organic learning are invited to share their skills and passions. Those sincerely interested to engage for a shorter or longer period of time as a Co-Knower can write us an email describing yourself, your interest and your envisioned participation in the Organic School.


Co-Knower Principles:

  • Children are unique beings born with natural intelligence.
  • Each child has the capacity to create a whole new world in freedom using their presence, enthusiasm, curiosity and imagination.
  • Children need a space to be that nurtures and allows their natural knowing.
  • Childhood is a sacred time in our lives and is to be honored.