Center for Evolutionary Consciousness

Inspiration for a new Humanity

The Center for Evolutionary Consciousness are a sanctuary dedicated to personal transformation. It is a sacred space offering short and long-term visitors the opportunity to practically explore the eco-spiritual path through devotion and surrender within a culture of Beauty, Love and Sacredness. This natural oasis of meditation and contemplation provides a space for the practice of non-duality and the emergence of a new life perspective. Spiritual seekers come from all over the world to uncover the essential self and directly experience the joyful, celebrative life with wisdom and grace.


Guruji Sri Vast has created Centers in India and Europe with great love and devotion to the emerging consciousness as a gift to humanity. In the Center, everyone has the opportunity to dissolve old habits and patterns, allowing the natural intelligence and inner core to radiate. The Centers for Evolutionary Consciousness are a living, learning experience inspired by the profound Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast. To be in the expanded presence of an enlightened spiritual Master points to a sacred opportunity to start an insightful journey into self-inquiry, selfless service and a celebration of one’s essential being.


People come to the Center for Evolutionary Consciousness from all over the world, from various life paths, ages and backgrounds to nourish themselves in the profound wisdom shared by Guruji.