One year program


This interdisciplinary program allows the student to awaken to the emerging consciousness and to discover the great transformational potential of each human life. There are three streams of study running simultaneously within the one year program, engaging the student’s intellect, practical skills and sense of sacredness. Through theoretical, practical and creative skills development the student embarks upon a personal, transformative learning adventure.

The first stream is the theoretical and practical exploration of 22 themes inquiring into the subtle assumptions and concepts of culture, politics, religion, art, society, ecology, economy, gender and communication in the contemporary global framework. We broaden our perspective with topics such as eco-psychology, planetary transition, human ecology and holistic health. Each section, lasting two weeks, begins with a week-long theoretical exploration into the subject. During the second week, students explore practical elements of the subject to expand their understanding of how the emerging consciousness can be practically expressed.

The second stream is a self-directed course of study on a chosen theme based on the personal interest and enthusiasm of the student. Once a month each student leads a seminar on their current research, findings, realizations and experiences to the College community. The student is free to creatively explore methods of presentation through, for example, music, writing, poetry, visual art, a lecture, etc.  This creates a venue for students to explore their passions and develop teaching skills to clearly communicate and share their experience and wisdom. In our understanding, each student is a teacher.

The third stream of study is a practical Sustainable Living Program presented as a series of workshops throughout the year. This program gives students practical experience and skills in Ecological Farming, Creativity, Culinary Arts, Appropriate Technology, Holistic Health, Communications, and Administration so that they can contribute wherever they may be, while serving the world. From yoga and web design to herbal medicine and carpentry, many skills for a sustainable life are introduced through hands-on, experiential learning. Students are invited to share their newly learned skills by directly participating in the daily community life.

Students have the privilege to study in two different countries, spending the winter in South India and the summer in Sweden. Through this first-hand experience, students gain personal understanding of the interrelated cultural, political and ecological influences on each society and individual human experiences. It is an invitation to step out of a trained cultural thinking toward participating in a holistic global perspective.