Course Description

for the One Year Program

These theoretical courses are an introduction and base to themes that the students will be immersed in and find inspiration for self directed study. Students are encouraged to integrate the subjects into their collective inquiry and apply them in the practical living and learning experience throughout the College year:

The Natural Being: Human as Nature A deep exploration into the core essence of the human existence

Exploring the role nature plays in human evolution and our physical and psychological wellbeing in the modern world.

Web of Life - Systems Theory Introduction to understanding the universe as a natural, complex, self-regulating intelligent system of interdependent relationships.

Human Ecology:
Ecological, Political and Cultural Influences on the Human Existence, a course exploring the relationship between humans and their natural and artificially created environments. 

Food Systems and Food Culture
Looking at different food systems and food cultures around the world, from hunter gatherer to industrial agriculture, from GM food  to living food, food politics and the changes caused by global food cultures.

Holistic Health
– Exploring the Natural Healer Introduction and exploration of the natural quality of the innate natural healer and the fundamentals of holistic health through, diet, herbal medicine, the psychology of illness, body movement, and natural therapies.

Living Yoga
A course covering yoga philosophy, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), inner yoga and meditation practices supporting a yogic living experience.

A Spiritual Journey
An in depth retreat period for students to enter into self reflected personal transformation in the presence of a living Master.
Natural Intelligence and Sacredness Revealing the elements of the natural intelligence belonging to the human species, exploring meditation, being in the senses, responding to the life, and inquiring into the role of sacredness in the human experience.

Elements of Design
Introduction to the intelligence behind natural and human-made systems, and the influence of design on the human experience.

Human Evolution and the Training of Domestication Understanding the components of a structured life, created needs and the quest for fulfillment. This course is exploring how humans have distanced themselves from nature over time and developed trained behavioral, psychological, physical and spiritual responses to Life.

Participation in Life
Exploration of our natural abilities to directly sense and respond to life while looking at diverse forms of engagement; including daily tasks, our thinking processes, and our response-ability as a global citizen.

World Religions, Mythology and the Religious Mind
An in depth investigation into world religious perspectives and impacts, how we create religion, the function of mythologies and how we understand sacredness and spirituality through the religious and non-religious mind.

Evolution of Consciousness – the Emergence of a New Paradigm
An in-depth inquiry into understanding the evolution of the planetary and the human consciousness on an individual and collective scale, understanding where it is leading towards, and inquiring into ones personal role in shifting the consciousness.

Art, Creativity and Expressions of Imagination
This is an empowering course revealing your natural qualities of imagination, creation and expressions of beauty in art, creative writing, in theater, music and poetry.

Human Migration
Looking into the phenomena of how climate influences our evolution, seeing the human as a species originating from the tropical climate and how migration to different colder climates has influenced our evolution and shaped us today.

Crossing Inner and Outer Borders
An exploration of the cultural concepts of ownership, of private and public, moving beyond me and mine, and inquiring into the natural urge to express ethics of Love, Share and Care..

A Sustainable Future An examination of alternative appropriate technologies, agriculture and innovative lifestyles. Understanding the real needs of the modern human and the global need to create a sustainable future for all beings.

Creating Culture: Language and Communication
Looking into the elements of verbal and nonverbal communication, non-violent communication and language cultures as components in cultivating and inspiring a new world view.

Progressive Economics
An examination of the function of a local based or globalized economy, as well as new approaches to just economic relationships, globalization, green banking, fair trade and fair exchange.  

Concepts of Liberation
This course is a discovery into the different concepts of freedom and liberation, from personal to collective, from religion, consumerism, gender, age, social and cultural identity etc.

Ecology and Advaita Vedanta
This course is a practical reflection on the knowledge of non-duality within the context of ecology, expanding our awareness beyond the human perspective.  

Insight into Upanishads
An illuminating investigation into the ancient sacred scriptures of the Vedic tradition, particularly teachings on wisdom and creation.

Essential Sanskrit
Understanding essential Sanskrit terms and their importance in practical spiritual life.

Inner Yoga
A Yoga of nature to awaken the body`s senses in the present moment and experience oneness with the natural world inside and out.

The College is constantly evolving, too. Courses and descriptions may change.