Downloads - Sri Vast


These songs and words are all poems and creations of Guruji Sri Vast, arising spontaneously as he celebrates life and shares his celebrations with us all. It is pure words of wisdom, communicating to us:'It is the Silence in Sound, it is the Bliss in the soul.'


These are messages, touching our inner being. Messages reminding us about our hidden wilderness, speaking to the Godliness within. These are songs to be enjoyed and cherished, opportunities to loose oneself totally and to celebrate our inner emptiness.


Many of you have your own memorable moments of meeting with our beloved Guruji, in the Ashram community or around the world, the aliveness and presence in the Satsang, the laughter from the evening gatherings, the joy of the fire, the dance of the moon, the wild song of the ocean waves, and the living silence of the Master.

Come come!

Let us rejoice!

Come come!

Let us reclaim

our way of being!